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Emoji Passwords: The New Trend In Online Banking?

A British company claims emoji passwords are easier to remember and are more secure — with 44 emojis to choose from, there are about 3.5 million possible permutations.


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Bill Guard App

Identity protection is more important than ever these days, second only to budgeting. And the Bill Guard app can help you with both.


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Mint Bills And Money App

The Mint Bills and Money app stays on top of your bills and monitors your bank accounts to help you avoid late fees and overdrafts.


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Passing Counterfeit Money

What happens if you try to make a purchase with counterfeit money.


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Pay Day Loans Not In Borrower’s Best Interest

Interest rates on pay day loans may approach 200%.


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Married Couples Still Have More Rights Than Unmarried

In this day and age, do married couples have rights that unmarried couples don’t?


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Automatic Bill Pay Hardly Fool Proof

In an effort to simplify, people are authorizing debits from checking for mortgages and other bills that reoccur month after month, but there can be glitches.


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Scammers Know ‘Cleared’ Check May Have Insufficient Funds

There ís a wrinkle in the banking laws that scammers know and use against even smart lawyers.


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Stolen ATM Card Liability

What happens if there’s an unauthorized transaction on your ATM card?



Fast Access App

FastAccess is a facial recognition app that lets you log on to banking and other sensitive sites by simply looking at the screen.


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Cashing A Postdated Check

Don’t give a postdated check to someone unless you call your bank first or really trust the person to whom you’re giving it.


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Lost Debit Card Liabilities

Your liability under federal law for unauthorized use of your debit or ATM card depends on how quickly you report the loss.


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Found Money

If money is deposited in your bank account that is not yours, it’s your legal obligation to give it back.


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Mint App

Budgeting money is no easy feat, but the Mint app certainly helps.


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Some Banks Are Still Keeping Account Fees Hidden

Banks are supposed to outline fees anytime a customer asks for a list, but a survey by the Public Interest Research Group found that’s not always the case.