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Ex-PHL Baggage Handler Gets More Than A Decade In Prison For Drug Conspiracy

Officials say between February 2010 and July 2011, Mickens, a former US Airways baggage claim handler at PHL, used his airport access card to smuggle hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug proceeds through the airport.


(Credit: Chip Somodelvilla, Getty Images)

Baggage Handler Sentenced To 5 Years For Attempted Cocaine Smuggling

A 40-year-old former US Air baggage handler has been sentenced to prison for conspiring to smuggle cocaine in to the country on a US Air flight to Philadelphia from Jamaica in 2009.


Waheed Hosein

PHL Baggage Handler Arrested For Alleged Theft From Luggage, Additional Charges Pending

One baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport has been arrested and charges are pending against his co-worker after they were allegedly discovered stealing from passengers luggage.