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Special Device May Help Alleviate Back PainThe device is surgically implanted in the back with a lead that goes up the spinal column.
Study: Excessive Texting Could Injure Your SpineBack pain from texting? It might be a reality, says one New York doctor.
Medical Organizations Warn Of Widespread Addiction To OpioidsThe American Academy of Neurology warns that the risk of using opioids for headache, back pain and other chronic pain is not worth the risk.
Risk Factors For Kidney StonesThe risk of kidney stones is 10-15 percent in the United State - and some people are at greater risk than others.
Health: Clothing To Reduce Back PainSome clothing manufacturers claim that have created clothing that will help with aches and pains.
Chicken Soup For The Soul Takes On Health, TooOh, our achin' backs! It's a common complaint and also one of the first subjects being tackled by a new direction in the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
A New Resource For Medical InformationThe American College of Physicians is teaming up with Consumer Reports to provide medical information regarding important medical topics that affect many of us.
Pay Attention To Your Child's BackpackOne of the most important decisions a parent or student can make before the start of the school year is to select the best back pack for school books.
The Importance Of StretchingIf you ask me, the most important part of a workout is stretching.
Medication Is Not The Only Treatment For Chronic PainChronic pain is a very big problem that far too many people face. And, an added problem is that many people turn to pain medications far too quickly.
Curing Back Pain From Extended SittingBack pain that comes from sitting for hours. 3 On Your Side Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl says it's a growing problem for millions.
Treating Chronic Pain Without MedicationIf you are one of the 76 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, remember the best treatments may have nothing to do with medication -- exercise, massage and relaxation techniques can help.

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