Can Your Baby's Name Predict Future Success? Study Says YesAccording to the findings, parents of an "Oscar" or a "George" will be happy to know their sons had the highest future average salary.
News, Politics and Entertainment with The Chris Stigall Show | December 9Chris discussed Hillary Clinton and Brian Williams fake story comments, the passing of John Glenn and Mick Jagger welcoming baby number 8. He spoke with Chris Butler on Finance Friday about Andy Puzder at 7:00 and comedian actor Joel McHale regarding his new show The Great Indoors at 7:20. Chris also spoke with CSN's Ray Didinger at 8:00 about the upcoming Eagles game and John Dickerson, the Moderator of Face the Nation regarding 'fake news' stories at 8:20.
2015's List Of Top Baby Names ReleasedLast year's top American baby names have been released by the Social Security Administration.
Some Of Top Baby Names Of 2015 Inspired By InstagramThere are some familiar names near the top of the rankings from
Social Security Data Reveals Pennsylvania's Top Baby NamesRecent data released by the U.S Social Security Administration reported 877 baby girls with the name Emma, and 788 baby boys with name Mason in Pennsylvania.
Social Security Administration Releases List Of Most Popular Baby Names For 2014The Social Security Administration has released its list of top baby names for 2014.
Rich Zeoli Talks To Penn Professor About Cultural TrendsRich Zeoli talked to Dr. Damon Centola, Associate Professor from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania, on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about how the birth and development of fads and trends, like baby names, has changed in the internet era.
Zeoli Show Log 2.9.15Rich examined President Obama's statement that the media overstates the terrorist threat, ISIS recruited home grown terrorists, and the latest surrounding the Brian Williams controversy. He also talked to Jay Michaelson from the Daily Beast, Author Damon Root, and Dr. Damon Centola from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania.
BabyCenter Releases List Of The Most Popular Names Of 2014Parents-to-be will want to take a look at this list.
Legally Acceptable American NamesThere is no list in the US of acceptable names, but there are a few rules.
2013's Top Names For Dogs, Humans Released By Two Separate WebsitesInterestingly, none of the top five baby names for humans were also top names for dogs. Lily appears to be the only crossover in the top ten.
Legal Names In The USSeveral countries have a list of 'acceptable' names. So, what's acceptable in the US? There are a few rules.

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