Mid-Summer Garden ChoresThere are a few garden chores you should hurry up and do, such as pinching back fall-bloomers like asters and mums so they’ll stay compact, and pruning spring-blooming shrubs too.
Easter Plants May Thrive Beyond EasterWhat to do with Easter plants? Try planting them!
A Bloomin' Mistake In My GardenHere’s a garden mistake I made that turned into a nice surprise.
Time To PruneGardeners like to use the 4th of July as a reminder for some stuff you shouldn’t wait much longer to do, such as pruning spring flowering shrubs.
Thankful For November BloomsWhile most of the garden has gone brown, there are still a few roses and some unexpected bloomers that add a touch of color well into November.
How To Move Plants And ShrubsBy moving plants correctly early in the fall, you have a good chance they'll be happily leafing out and blooming in their new spots next spring.
Fourth Of July Gardening ChoresAlong with fun stuff like fireworks, many gardening chores are keyed to the Fourth of July, such as pruning back spring flowering shrubs like azaleas.
Protecting Evergreen Shrubs Through The WinterSome evergreen shrubs can get burned by winter winds or suffer sun or frost damage. One way to help them through the winter is by spraying the leaves with an anti-desiccant so they don't dry out.
Some Plants May Need Early PruningAn accelerated spring means many plants will bloom sooner than expected, which can also mean earlier pruning.
Safe Gardening With Your Pets In MindThe ASPCA offers several suggestions of spring gardening safety with your pets in mind.
Virginia BluebellsThey're beautiful, native and blooming right now. Virginia bluebells, Latin name <em>Mertensia virginica</em>, are woodland plants that you can easily grow in moist, shady spots in your yard.
'Forcing' Flowers InsideBy bringing some branches inside you can 'force' the flowers to bloom before your eyes.

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