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Car Warranties Not All Created Equal

What are the types of warranties that you can get on a car and should you pay extra for one?


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CarLock App

CarLock is an app that will send alerts if your vehicle is moved, if its engine is started or if there’s vibration detected.


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Parking Panda App

You can make reservations at restaurants, theaters and the movies, so why not parking facilities?


Lemon Laws

The 2013 models are on the car lots. Not every new car is a good car, and that’s where lemon laws come in. This is what you need to know.


Lemon Laws

Most lemon laws cover new vehicles that have a defect that substantially impairs the car’s value or safety and that cannot be repaired after 3 tries by an authorized dealership.


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Car Finder App

Have you ever walked out of a store or the mall and had absolutely no idea where you parked? Well with Car Finder, those days could be over.