Autism Spectrum Disorder

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New Jersey Shows High Occurrence of Autism Disorders

“In New Jersey, the prevalence is one in 45 children with (some degree of) autism,” says Dr. Walter Zahorodny, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the New Jersey Medical School.


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Treating Autism Early

Many parents who have had autistic children know that something’s wrong early in life. There may be no specific test but they have a sense something’s going on. Getting help early can make a difference.




AutisMate lets children with the disorder improve their social and communication skills through video, pictures and voice recordings.


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Philadelphia Firefighter Rows DC-to-NYC For Autism Awareness

A Philadelphia fire department captain, touched by the plight of families who have children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, has decided to raise money and awareness for the cause by rowing from Washington, DC to New York City.


(Dionne Jones, education specialist, and Daniel Thrash, behavioral manager, at the KenCrest Services table of the school district's Autism Expo on Friday.  Photo by Michelle Durham)

Philadelphia School District Holds 4th Annual Autism Expo For Parents

The Autism Expo was created by a special education teacher and became so popular over the years that the school district wanted to expand its offerings to all parents.