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Health: Taking Aspirin Could Prevent Some Types Of Cancer

The results of the study were reportedly presented at an American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Philadelphia.


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Research Says Taking Aspirin To Treat And Prevent Heart Disease Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Millions of Americans take aspirin to treat and prevent heart disease, but new research today from the American College of Cardiology says that could be doing more harm than good.


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Don’t Be Frightened By Child’s Low-Grade Fever

Not all fevers require medication.


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The Miracle Drug

They call aspirin the miracle drug. Think about just a few of the benefits, for example, aspirin therapy can reduce heart attacks or strokes.


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Study: Aspirin Can Help Treat And Prevent Cancer

We know that aspirin is very effective in helping fight cardiovascular disease, but according to a new report in the journal The Lancet, aspirin can also be used to help prevent and treat cancer.


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An Aspirin A Day Can Keep Post-Surgery Complications Away

Taking aspirin several days before heart surgery could cut down on problems after the procedure.



Explaining Heartburn

Hundreds of thousands of us suffer from heartburn. The explanation is simple.