Aqua Pennsylvania

(File photo.  Credit: CBS)

Homeowners Without Heat Should Take Steps To Protect Pipes, Expert Advises

If your home still has no electricity, what can you do to protect your plumbing?


(Aqua CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis, left, chats with Gov. Tom Corbett alongside one of the company's new solar panels.  Credit: Brad Segall)

A Pennsylvania Water Company Embraces Solar Power In A Big Way

The suburban water company Aqua has gone solar at its water treatment plant near Phoenixville, a move designed to save the company and its customers money and shrink their carbon footprint.



Gushing Leak Leads To $41,000 Water Bill In Abington

The water in Ruby Williams’ house from the weekend rains will dry soon enough. It is the water leaking under her Bristol home that worries her.