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Now You Can ‘Unbaby’ Your Facebook Newsfeed

Sick of proud parents inundating your Facebook newsfeed with photos of their infants? There’s an app for that. No, really.


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Philadelphia Pizza Shop Boosts Sales With Smartphone App

A Philadelphia pizza shop is getting a big sales boost with a smartphone app that gives customers another way to order a pie; and it could be a way for other small businesses to get in on mobile money.


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Philadelphia’s 7 Regent Lane Offers Hot Deals On Custom Suits

Wharton grads are behind a startup company that creates made-to-measure menswear for a dressed-down price.


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App Deals

There are over a half million apps in the App Store – and prices fluctuate all the time. Well now, there’s an app to keep up with the sales.


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Nigro’s Auto Body Apps

Need car assistance? Download one or both of these new free apps from Nigro’s Auto Body.


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Mobile Malware Costing Smartphone Users Big Bucks

It’s no longer just your home computer that’s being targeted — malware is making its way to your smartphone, too.


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Found A Free App? There May Be Strings Attached

Some smartphone apps are free, but there’s a price to pay.


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The AppBuilder

Ever wanted to build your own app, using your smartphone? Well with the AppBuilder by Jampot Technologies, you’ll be able to.



BLOG: Most Popular Apps

By Jim Donovan: I think it is safe to say that I am one of the most tech-challenged people in our newsroom. If I had my way there would probably be a rotary phone and […]



Temple Awarded Federal Dollars For ‘Urban Apps And Maps Studio’

Temple University has been awarded $700,000 in federal grants to create what the University calls an ‘urban apps and maps studio.’


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Spb Shell 3D

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On today’s APP-tastic and outta SITE — Spb shell 3d offers a new way to navigate android phones. The app turns your smartphone operating system into a 3d carousel that can be […]


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GroupMe App

Texting one person at a time can be tedious when trying to organize an event. Enter the GroupMe app.


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Using the power of social networks, a site like gripe can generate real momentum in making change and putting power in the hands of the consumer.



Gift A

Surprise someone you’ve never met thanks to


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Forgive Me iPhone, For I Have Sinned

A new app for devices like the iPhone and iPad aims to take the intimidation factor out of Confession for Catholics — and the Church is giving it the thumbs-up.