Antoinette Pelzer

Suspect Antoinette Pelzer

Tests Planned For Woman Accused Of Killing 2 In Atlantic City

A Philadelphia woman charged with killing two Canadian tourists in Atlantic City will undergo psychiatric tests.


(Victim Martin Caballero)

New Jersey Casino Carjacking Couple Sentenced To Decades

The same judge handling the case of two Canadian tourists stabbed to death across the street from an Atlantic City casino earlier this week handed down tough sentences Thursday to a couple who carjacked and murdered a casino customer two years ago.


Suspect Antoinette Pelzer

Identities Of Mother-Daughter Tourists Killed In Atlantic City Are Released

Antoinette Pelzer is charged with the stabbing deaths of 80-year-old Po Lin Wan and 47-year-old Alice Mei See Leung.


Pelzer, AC Stabbing May 22, 2012

Woman Charged With Monday Stabbing In Atlantic City Appears In Court

“I’m trying to find out where is my public defender at,” said Antoinette Pelzer, the 44-year-old woman charged with murder in Monday’s stabbing deaths of two Canadian tourists in Atlantic City.


Suspect Antoinette Pelzer

Dismay After 2 Canadian Tourists Stabbed To Death in Atlantic City, N.J.

Bail has been set at $1½ million for the Philadelphia woman accused of stabbing two Canadian tourists to death yesterday in broad daylight in Atlantic City.


Suspect Antoinette E. Pelzer.

Police: 2 Canadian Tourists Killed In Random Atlantic City Stabbing Attack

Two women are dead after being stabbed in what appears to have been a random and unprovoked attack in Atlantic City.