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World Health Assembly Endorses Global Plan To Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

This has become a worldwide issue, and it’s getting worldwide attention.


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Food Allergy May Be Allergy To Pesticide

A young girl ate a piece of blueberry pie and had an allergic reaction which led her to have difficulty breathing – but the blueberries weren’t exactly the cause.


Supporters Line Up For Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day

Chick-fil-A To Use Only Chickens Raised Without Antibiotics

The Atlanta-based chain said it’s working with suppliers to build up an adequate supply for its nearly 1,800 restaurants.



Treating The Common Cold

In most cases, colds are caused by viruses. Remember, antibiotics are not necessary when there is a viral infection. In fact, they won’t work.


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The Common Bladder Infection

In medicine, we call it cystitis but the average person calls it a urinary tract infection. Put simply cystitis is an infection in your bladder that is caused by bacteria.


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Antibiotic Use In Livestock Raises Public Health Concern

Researchers in North Carolina suggest that we should be watching antibiotic use in livestock because it promotes bacteria resistance.



Health: Groups Come Together To Stop Antibiotic Resistance

With antibiotic resistant infections on the rise, the CDC and 25 other health organizations are teaming up to try to get the problem under control.


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Pregnancy And Medications

Doctors need to ask all women of childbearing age if they might be pregnant before prescribing medications. That’s because some are safe during pregnancy but others are not.


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Pets May Prevent Certain Illnesses

New research has emerged from Finland that’s found that contact with dogs and cats at a young age was linked with fewer weeks of sickness or infection for babies and young children.


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Doctors Prescribing Fewer Antibiotics, More ADHD Medication

A new study of prescription medications for children finds doctors are prescribing antibiotics less, while ADHD medications are on the rise.


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Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators

So called specialized pro-resolving mediators or spms are directly involved in helping fight infections in mice, especially when used in combination with antibiotics.


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Understanding MRSA

I am certain you have heard about MRSA but you may not know what it is and you should.


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Preventing Kidney Stones

People are more likely to have kidney stones as they get older and certain medications like antibiotics and diuretics can increase the risk of stones.


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The Challenge In Treating Yeast Infections

The cause of the majority of common yeast infections, candida albicans, is starting to become resistant to the treatments that we have available.


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Treating Otitis Media

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ear infections are a major cause of pain and discomfort for children. The most common cause of ear symptoms in children is a middle ear infection and this is called otitis media. […]