Animal Poison Control

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Avoid Poisoning Your Dog

According to the Animal Poison Control Center of the ASPCA, the effects of xylitol ingestion in dogs are quick and the window of opportunity to aid is small.


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Keeping A Common Toxin Away From Your Dog

Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in a variety of sugar-free cookies, candies, gums and more, has been proven to be highly toxic, even at times, fatal, to dogs.


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Valentine’s Bouquets

If we’re lucky, we may see some flowers on Valentine’s Day. But our pets are not so lucky to be exposed to them. Many plants and flowers can poison dogs and cats.



The Dangers Of Cocoa Bean Mulch

The ASPCA warns of the dangers of using cocoa bean mulch in your garden. It can be toxic – even fatal – when consumed by dogs.


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Pet First Aid App

When your four-legged friend is in trouble, the Pet First Aid app is meant to find answers to tricky pet questions at a glance.