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Angie’s List

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Angie’s List: Water Heater Tips

In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan explains why you should probably pay closer attention to your water heater.


3 on your side

Angie’s List: Home Automation Systems

Have you ever left home and forgotten to close your garage door, or — even worse — came home to an overflowing toilet? In this week’s Angie’s list report, Jim Donovan shows you how you can save yourself those worries with a home automation system.



Angie’s List: Simple Bathroom Upgrades

Does you bathroom look out of date? Or maybe a tub and tiles look dingy or discolored. In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan shows you how you can make it look brand new again without spending a small fortune.


Appliance repairs

Angie’s List: Are Your Appliances Ready For The Holidays?

In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan has a look at ways to prevent your appliances from failing on you, so you don’t end up stuck with a big repair bill.



Angie’s List: Garage Door Maintenance

How often do think about your garage door? Probably not often but that could actually put you at risk. In this week’s Angie’s List, Jim Donovan explains why it’s not a good idea to ignore your garage door.


Sandy Damage

3 On Your Side: Hiring Contractors After Sandy

As the clean-up from Hurricane Sandy is underway, many homeowners will have to hire help to get the job done. If you’re among them, 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan has important information that you need to know.


Angie's List - When To Invest In Remodeling

Angie’s List: Avoiding Home Improvement Project Delays

When you get involved with any home improvement project it’s important to remember good planning is key to a smooth experience because any delays could end up costing time and money.



Angie’s List: Evening Out The Temperature In Your Home

Soon the cool air will move in and we’ll be turning up the heat. But do you ever find it hard to maintain an even temperature throughout your entire house? You’re not alone, it’s a problem many homeowners have.


Car repair

Angie’s List: Car Maintenance

Car trouble is a headache none of us want to deal with, but when your vehicle needs immediate attention, you want to make sure you’re leaving it in the hands of someone you trust.


Angie’s List: AC Coolant Changes

If you need to have coolant added to your air conditioner this summer, brace yourself, you might be in for a shock. In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan explains how fixing that leak could cost you more than it has in years past.



Angie’s List: Home Improvement Tips

In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan explains why it’s key you do your homework when it comes to subcontractors.


Angie's List

Angie’s List: Aging In Place

More and more seniors are deciding to live at home longer than they have in the past. But often that decision requires some work around the house to make sure it’s safe.



Angie’s List: Replacing Pipes In Your Home

We don’t usually think about our home’s plumbing until a pipe bursts, but you may want to ward off trouble before it starts. In this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan has a look at some thing you should consider when it comes to the pipes in your home.



Angie’s List: Tips On Cleaning Your Roof

Have you finished up your spring cleaning yet? Well, what about your roof? That’s right, in this week’s Angie’s List report, Jim Donovan explains roof cleaning and what you should know before you decide to do it.


AC Unit

Angie’s List: Air Conditioner Maintenance

Have the recent warm temperatures led you to turn on your AC?