Amy Kurland

Jim Kenney, acknowledging his win in the Democratic mayoral primary on May 19th.  File photo from CBS3)

Kenney, Anticipating Likely November Victory, Begins Work on Hiring

Kenney says he’s not taking a victory in the mayoral race for granted, but he does plan to meet with Mayor Nutter shortly about personnel.


(Amy Kurland, Wilson Goode, and Ed Rendell watch as Mayor Nutter signs the executive order.  Photo by Mike Dunn)

Nutter’s Executive Order Bolsters City’s Anti-Corruption Office

“It enhances protections for whisteblowers by strengthening confidentiality provisions, to prevent retaliation, and to ensure that employees feel comfortable reporting misconduct,” Nutter said.


(Weccacoe Playground, in 2013.  File photo by Cherri Gregg)

Arbitrator Reinstates Workers Who Took 2nd Job With Phila. Rec Department

The workers’ attorney says the Recreation Department had hired them with full knowledge of those jobs, and in fact because of their experience — mostly with the school district.



Company That Repairs Philadelphia Streets Agrees To Repay $2.25M

Philadelphia inspector-general Amy Kurland says an investigation found that Danella Construction Co. overbilled the city and PGW for materials.


(Philadelphia International Airport.  File photo by Piotrus.)

Nutter Administration Tightening Checks on City Construction Bidders

Philadelphia inspector general Amy Kurland says one contractor, John Hart of Hart Enterprises, misrepresented himself on a bid for restroom renovation work at the airport between 2011 and 2012.


Inspector General Amy Kurland (Credit: Mike Dunn)

City Departments Doing Little About Bad Checks Written To Philadelphia

A report has been issued on what’s thought to be a growing problem related to tax deadbeats: people who do pay their taxes, but the checks bounce.


(City councilman James Kenney, left, and Philadelphia prisons commissioner Louis Giorla square off during a Council hearing about Corizon Healthcare.  Photos from City of Phila. TV)

Phila. Lawmakers Say Prison Health Care Contractor Needs More Scrutiny

Philadelphia City Council members are up in arms over the mayor’s decision to renew a huge contract for prison health care to a company that was recently forced to pay nearly $2 million to settle the city’s fraud claim.


file photo (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Watchdog Office Hoping To Become Permanent In Philadelphia

Philadelphia voters could decide whether the watchdog office that ferrets out wrongdoing by city workers should become permanent in May.


(Philadelphia inspector general Amy Kurland, announcing the settlement agreement with Corizon Health Inc.   Credit: Mike Dunn)

Company Will Pay Philadelphia $1.85M For Finagling ‘Women-Owned’ Mandate

Amy Kurland, Philadelphia’s inspector general, says the company formerly known as Prison Health Services (now called Corizon Health Inc.) had certified to the city that it used a women-owned business as a subcontractor.


(Mayor Nutter congratulates one of Philadelphia's 35 departmental integrity officers at a swearing-in ceremony today.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Within Philadelphia’s City Government, Integrity Officers Continue The Hunt For Corruption

Mayor Michael Nutter has honored 35 city employees who volunteer to help catch other city employees who may be involved in unethical practices.



Philadelphia Takes Action After Probe Into ‘Minority-Owned’ Contractor

City inspector general Amy Kurland says William Betz Jr. Inc. and UGI HVAC Inc. falsified documents to make it appear that another company, JHS, was a minority-owned firm.


Ex-City Records Cashier Indicted in Cash Pocketing Scheme

The former chief cashier in the city’s Records Department was among four people slapped with federal indictments on Thursday. Officials say she sold city records at a discount then kept the cash.