Americans With Disabilities

File photo (credit: Brad Segall)

Pig Is Not A Service Animal

The legal definition of a service animal are animals that are trained to perform tasks that their handlers cannot do for themselves.



Workplaces Must Be Accessible To Employees With Disabilities

Under federal law, an employer that is not a commercial facility or a public accommodation is NOT required to make its facilities accessible – until an employee requires it.


(Credit: Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

Alcoholism May Be A Disability

A history of alcoholism is, in fact, a disability and not only can’t employers fire an employee because of his alcoholism, it must reasonably accommodate his disability.


New Car, Designed and Built for Wheelchair Users, is Shown

by KYW’s Kim Glovas Next month marks the 20th anniversary of passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Today, Philadelphians with disabilities got the first look at a new vehicle designed specifically for use by […]



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