American Chemical Society

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Study Suggests Chocolate Can Be Made Sweeter, And Better For You

A study from the University of Ghana is getting quite a great deal of attention from a meeting in Denver for the American Chemical Society.


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Study Has Potentially Worrisome News About Antimicrobials And Pregnancy

Uh-oh. It may be time to add two more chemicals to the list of things for pregnant women to avoid.


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Beware Imported Foods

It is important to study imported foods because we often detect issues with quality control.


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Burn Resistant Makeup For Soldiers Presented At Conference In Philadelphia

A new makeup has been designed to protect soldiers from burns when a roadside bomb explodes.



American Chemical Society Opens Meeting in Philadelphia

Thousands of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and inventors from across the country and around the world are converging in Philadelphia for a national meeting that is the city’s largest convention of the summer.