Alston Buchanan

(Photo from Montco DA's ofc.)

Ringleader of Comcast Ripoff Scam Sentenced to Prison in Montco

Prosecutors say Alston Buchanan employed more than two dozen people who would spread the word that, for an upfront payment, they could have their monthly Comcast bills reduced.


(Photo from Montco DA's ofc.)

Man Pleads Guilty To Scam That Ripped Off Comcast For Over $2-Million

The man who prosecutors say was the ringleader in a scam that ripped off Comcast for nearly $2.5-million has admitted his role in the crime.


(Photo from Montco DA's ofc.)

Montco Cops Say This Cable Guy Was Ripping Off The Cable Company

Authorities in Montgomery County have broken up what they say was an elaborate organization that stole more than $2.4 million from Comcast Corporation.