Allergic Reactions

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Dust Mite Might Cause House Dust Allergy

High levels of exposure to dust mites are an important factor in the development of asthma.


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Hope For Those Who Suffer From Peanut Allergies

Several research studies have shown that, in some cases, peanut allergies may be treated by exposure to very small quantities of peanut.


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Peanut Allergy Progression

Over two million people in the United States suffer from peanut allergy and far too many deaths are attributed to food allergies each year. Many people ask if there is any cure on the horizon.


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Spice Allergies

Spice allergy accounts for two percent of food allergies – and the problem goes beyond just foods.



Health: Tick Bite May Cause Surprising Allergy

A potential new danger is being linked to ticks in our area, and it’s not a disease but a strange allergic reaction. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl explains.


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You Don’t Want Poison Ivy

Native to our area, poison ivy thrives in our yards, and birds spread it by eating its berries and depositing the seeds all around. But most people are allergic to it, which is why hiring the ‘I don’t want poison ivy’ guy might be the way to go.


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Researchers Question The Origin Of Allergies

An article in the journal Nature on the origin of allergic responses challenges conventional views that allergy is due to our immune response going out of control.