Air Conditioners

(A metal scavenger picks up copper taken from an old air conditioner.  File photo by Spencer Platt/ Getty Images)

Air Conditioners In Bucks County Vandalized By Copper Thieves

Authorities in Bristol Township say that thieves are going to great lengths to get their hands on valuable metals they can sell to make a quick buck.


Peggy Dolan

Ambler Group Helps Provide Air Conditioners For Sick Children

Peggy Dolan, founder and executive director of the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, named for her late daughter, says the group has been distributing air conditioners and funding to help keep them running to families throughout the summer.


Hot Yoga Class (Credit: Mike Dunn)

At Bikram Yoga On Sansom Street, People Can’t Get Enough Heat

While most of us have been fleeing for the comfort of air conditioning, a brave few have been seeking out even hotter temperatures this week – by attending “Hot Yoga” classes.