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Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

It is important to detect prostate cancer as early as possible and it is also crucial to see if the prostate cancer will be aggressive once detected. Prostate tissue might be a predictor.


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Mitochondria May Hold The Secret To Aging

You may remember the mitochondria was called the power-pack of the cell, providing energy. But, it could also help to cause a decline in muscle mass, hearing loss, and other aspects of aging.


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No Good Vibrations For Treatment Of Osteoporosis

A somewhat bizarre technique called whole-body vibration (WBV), which involves standing on an oscillating, rapid moving platform, has been thought of as a potential therapy for osteoporosis.




Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects many people as they get older, often with their knees.



Trying To Unlock The Mystery Of Alzheimers

Researchers at Yale are looking at a very specific possible cause of Alzheimers.


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The Importance Of Stretching

If you ask me, the most important part of a workout is stretching.



Treating Osteoarthritis

Do your knees and other joints hurt? If you are over fifty it might be a result of osteoarthritis.


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Encouraging Seniors To Lift Weights

There is no doubt that weightlifting may be more important in those over 60 than any other group.


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The Importance Of Stretching

We need to stretch on a regular basis because there is no doubt that the stressful world that we live in can truly cause us to tighten up.


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Exercise As You Age

Over the years, the healthiest people have been those who have continued to stretch, eat well and exercise as they got older.


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Memory Loss Is A Normal Part Of The Aging Process

Little changes in memory are as normal a part of the aging process as not jumping as high or running as fast.


Stretch Your Chances Of Avoiding Muscle Injury

It seems like such a simple concept taking time to stretch and relax but most of us don’t find time in the day to do this and that can be a terrible mistake.


Walking Is Good For Your Brain

There is a new report that walking prevents brain shrinkage and reduced mental function.