New Ad Technology Begs Question: Is Big Brother Selling You Out?With today's billboards, you can literally be a target on the road. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.
Young Viewers Influenced By TV Ads That Glorify DrinkingA growing number of adolescents are drinking and drinking to extremes in part because of the message in advertisements.
Regulating Alcohol AdsWhat are the legal limits on alcohol advertising? Fewer than you think.
Consumers Protected From False Advertising, No Matter How FalseIf advertising claims are so crazy on their face that no reasonable person would believe them, is a company still liable for misleading consumers?
Celebrities Tweet AdsWhen you sign up for a celebrity’s twitter feed your signing up to see what they are advertising.
Unsolicited Faxes Are Illegal - And CostlyThe Telephone Consumer Protection Act says it's illegal to send unsolicited ads to any fax machine, whether business or personal, without the recipient's prior express permission.
Dove Drops 'Armpit Of America' Billboard In New JerseyDove is learning the hard way that New Jersey residents don't appreciate being referred to as "The Armpit of America."
Scared Into Good HealthCommercials and public service announcements often use fear to try to scare someone into healthier behavior. But is it a good idea to frighten people? And, is it effective?
Pinterest To Roll Out ‘Promoted Pins’The goal of ads will be relevancy to a user's search, and Pinterest will promote a few pins in search results and category feeds.
Limiting Children's Exposure To Alcohol AdsOver the past seven years the number of scenes with alcohol and alcohol brand placement has increased in movies aimed at children and teens. Some advocates are trying to change that.
Regulating Online AdsAdvertising and marketing on the internet is, in fact, regulated by the Federal Trade Commission.
Philadelphia City Council, Nutter Still At Odds Over Advertising On City PropertiesCity Council members are accusing Mayor Nutter of foot-dragging on putting advertising on city properties in order to generate some much-needed cash.

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