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Achievement Gap


Summer Losses Into Gains

Summer Learning Initiative combines targeted K-3 instruction with parent training and incentives to keep kids from falling behind during the summer months.


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Do We Still Have Separate But Equal Schools?

Tanya McDowell, a Connecticut mother, is facing charges as a felon for lying about her 5 year old son’s address so he could attend a better school.


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Advocating For A Longer School Year

Although children are no longer expected to work on farms in the summer, the school year calendar still reflects an Agrarian society – but that could be changing.


(File photo of a school bus)

Double Jeopardy: Poverty Influences High School Graduation

The findings of a national study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation show that those who don’t read proficiently by 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to leave school without a diploma than proficient readers.


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Separate And Unequal

Bob Herbert, in The New York Times reminds us a half century after the Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation ruling that “Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.”


The Dropout Problem

Of the developed countries in the world, the US ranks number 18 with high school graduates. Research shows that youth from low income families drop out at 6 times the rate of those from higher income families.