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Retirement Plan Beneficiary Trumps Divorce Decree

If the divorce decree says one thing but the beneficiary form says another, which did the Supreme Court just rule takes precedence?


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Five Tips for Getting the Most From Your 401(k) Plan

Whether you’re 25 or 55, you know you’ll want to retire one day – and to retire in comfort you must save. These five simple steps can help you make a big difference in your efforts to reach retirement with lots of money in your retirement account.


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Author Says Financial Security Not Out Of Reach If Done Properly

The road to financial security is one a bewildering number of people don’t take, according to a self-made millionaire.


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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

Most tax filers are getting a refund after they file their 2012 return. With the average refund running about $3,000, a lot of people will be thinking about what to do with the extra cash.



Study Shows More Americans Are Raiding 401(k) Accounts To Pay Bills

A financial expert says it’s not a good idea. “You’ll have to pay a 10-percent penalty and income taxes so you’re actually having some of your savings eaten up by the penalties and taxes.”



Fiscal Cliff Deal Offers New Option For 401K Retirement Accounts

If you’re saving for retirement in a 401K, you have a new option to consider thanks to the ‘fiscal cliff’ deal.


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IRS Letting Hurricane Sandy Victims Borrow From 401(K)s Without Penalty

The IRS is easing its hardship rules for victims of Sandy.



Key To Successful Retirement: Save 10 Times Your Salary, Expert Says

Lincoln Financial Group has a new way to help you set goals for retirement savings. It’s easy to remember, but maybe not so easy to do.


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