Zeoli Show Log 07.27.16Rich kicked off the show going over tonight's speaker at the DNC. He discussed the Trump's press conference and how the media is losing there mind over it. Rich dissected Bill Clinton speech and it's goal to make Hillary likable. At the bottom of the hour Rich interviewed Jeff Lord from CNN. They discussed the Convention and the issue with Sanders' supporters. Rich interviewed Margaret Hoover and they discussed Rugged Individualism, LGBTQ rights, and the Convention. Rich also interviews Editor of the Observer, Ken Kurson. They discussed both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama's speeches. They also discussed Bernie supporters feeling disenfranchised . In the 5 o'clock hour Rich talked about the Democrats party being off message and how Lena Dunham will not bring any blue collar voters. Rich also interviewed MSNBC Analyst Steve Kornacki. They discussed Trump and his appeal with Blue Collar voters. Rich also touched on the Politico story that the IRS is vetting complaints against the Clinton Foundation
DNC CEO Breaks Barriers Behind The ScenesReverend Leah Daughtry is all about business.
National Spotlight Shines Bright On Philadelphia Summer TourismAhead of the Democratic National Convention, The New York Times weekly article-36 hours, takes readers through a so-called walking tour of Philly.
DNC Committee Announces "Ambitious" GoalThe 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee has announced what it says is the most ambitious goal ever for including women and minority-owned business participation.
Dems Pressing Local Donors To Help Bring 2016 Political Convention to PhiladelphiaFormer governor Ed Rendell says he's confident that the city and local donors can raise the $84 million needed to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
Philly Should Host The 2016 DNC ConventionEarlier this week a delegation of top Democratic politicians led by former Governor Ed Rendell were advocating Philly as the host city for the convention.

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