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Stumble Upon.com

StumbleUpon.com is actually a tool that helps you find sites you may be interested in.


Radar Online.com

RadarOnline has long been a source for the latest and juiciest bits from Hollywood, New York and beyond.


Club Penguin.com

Here’s a site my kids swear by. ClubPenguin.com is an online virtual penguin community.


Get Glue.com

GetGlue.com offers a web browser plug in that lets you like or dislike things you find on other websites – like books, movies and music.



Wikileaks.org is a website for whistleblowers, dissidents and others looking to spread truth.


Zam Zar.com

Let’s say you get a picture file. You need a jpeg, but you get a tiff. What to do? Convert that file at Zamzar.com.


Style Mom.com

StyleMom.com is a site dedicated to making Moms and Moms-to-be look and feel fabulous.


Last. Fm

Last.fm is a social music site and software package that can help you expand your musical horizons.


Consumer Search.com

Consumersearch.com is a comparison site that compares reviews from other consumer sites.



Current.com is the online home of Current TV, the leading peer-to-peer news site where the content is created by the viewers.



At Spotify.com you can sign up for free and download the software, then create your playlists from the artists or genres you like most.



Etsy.com is a shopping web site that specializes in unique and handmade crafts.


Pointless Sites.com

Pointlesssites.com is just that – a complete waste of your time.


Mag Cover.com

Magcover.com lets you upload your favorite pictures, and put them on the cover of a fictional magazine.


Mag. Ma

At Mag.ma you’ll find the latest and hottest web videos – from silly home video types to professionally produced bits ready to go viral.


Better Way Moms.com

Betterwaymoms.com is a site by moms for moms. Click here for stories that can help you be a better mom, or maybe just feel better about your crazy life.


Holla Back NYC.com

If you get whistled at, ogled, or otherwise annoyed by people while you’re trying to live your life, snap their picture with your cell phone and shame them at hollabacknyc.com.



Want to know what’s on TV and on InternetTV? Well, there’s Clicker.com.


Free Cycle.org

What started as a local phenomenon in Tuscon, Arizona two years ago, FreeCycle.org has grown to nationwide fame as the site to check if you want to find, or get rid of something for nothing.


Page Once.com

PageOnce.com offers to put all of your favorite sites – including those which require secure passwords – on one page, or even on a special iPhone-friendly site.



Type in the name of your favorite store at RetailMeNot.com and then you’ll see a screen full of coupon codes.


Straight Dope.com

Want to hear from the most intelligent human being in the world? That’s what you’ll get when you stop by StraightDope.com, or at least, that’s what his page says.


I Beat You.com

IBeatYou.com is all about pitting your brain against everyone else’s.


Sendables. JibJab. Com

You may remember JibJab.com for their spot-on parodies of the 2004 and 2008 campaigns, thanks to animated video’s set to familiar tunes but this follow-up is even better.


Our Story.com

We all have stories to tell. Life stories, baby stories, happy and sad stories. Now, you can tell them all and share them with family and friends, thanks to OurStory.com.


You Tomb. MIT. Edu

Ever have a favorite video on YouTube that one day seems to just disappear? They’re not gone completely. YouTomb can tell you where they went.


Pointless Sites.com

PointlessSites.com is full of links that can help you enjoy the passage of time like no other.


Typo Buddy.com

TypoBuddy.com will scour eBay for what you want – and things spelled similarly to what you want, in case somebody made a mistake.


Catalog Choice.org

Are you among those who are tired of lugging five pounds’ worth of catalogs from your mailbox? If so, visit CatalogChoice.org.


College Humor.com

Calling itself the number one comedy site on the web, CollegeHumor.com was actually founded 9 years ago by two high school friends.


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