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Regional Affairs Council — Sept. 2012

College for the Cost-Conscious(Graphic by Ed Fischer)

.Is a college education becoming too expensive for most Americans?

How are parents and students, saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars
in education debt, coping?

KYW’s Paul Kurtz presents this four-part KYW Regional Affairs Council special report…

Part 1: Back-to-School Scrimping

While the economy continues to sag, tuition costs continue to skyrocket, so an increasing number of students and parents are implementing cost-cutting strategies in order to keep up.


Part 2: Living at Home, Commuting to School

The debt burden is causing many young college graduates, and even students, to return to the nest.


Part 3: Picking A Budget School

“More and more students are taking on more and more debt, leaving themselves very vulnerable, especially today when we know unemployment is still a problem for young people,” says one expert.


Part 4: In All Quarters, Facing The Harsh Truth

The college cost crunch is cutting across all economic lines.


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