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Sunday’s Game With Buffalo Beyond Big

By Merrill Reese: Last week I hesitated to call The 49ers meeting a must-game.  True must-games have a mathematical implication.  You lose and you are eliminated from playoff contention. Believe me, Sunday’s game in Buffalo […]


Losing Streak Must End

By Merrill Reese: Its taken three days to revive my sprits. Nothing The Eagles have done so far bolster’s your confidence but from a numerical standpoint a 1-3 record isn’t the end of the world.  […]


Good Quotes Get Blown Out Of Proportion

By Merrill Reese: If I were a professional athlete I’d be scared to death to open my mouth.  We the media love people who are good quotes but boy can things be blown out of […]


Something Awry With NFL Replay System

By Merrill Reese: There’s someting wrong with the way The NFL is using the replay system. In most cases you can tell in a matter of seconds whether the call on the field was right.  […]


Myriad Of Mistakes For Birds

By Merrill Reese: It was a devastating defeat for The Eagles yesterday at The Linc as they let a 23-3 lead get away in the second half and ended up losing to The 49ers 24-23. […]


BLOG: Subpar Won’t Do It With Rekindled 49ers

By Merrill Reese: In recent years a game with The 49ers wasn’t approached with trepidation.  They went through coaches and other than their emblems and colors it was no reminder of the great Bill Walsh […]


BLOG: Jenkins Has Impacted The Most

By Merrill Reese: With all of the new acquisitions this summer, defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins ranked no higher than fourth or fifth in the headline department. At this point, three games into the season, Jenkins […]


BLOG: Eagles Adjustments Are Necessary

By Merrill Reese: Back to work it is as The Eagles prepare for The 49ers. It may be early in the season, but this team needs some adjustments both in personnel and in attitude. Two […]


BLOG: Vick’s Frustration Understandable

By Merrill Reese: Here we go again, the second straight week of will he or won’t he involving Michael Vick. I’d hate to think that this is going to be an every week occurence, but […]


BLOG: Loss To Giants Leaves Fears Lingering

By Merrill Reese: You couldn’t ask for a more disappointing outcome, and some lingering fears. The Giants raced to a 14-0 lead and ended up with 29-16 win over The Eagles at The Linc. Shady […]


BLOG: Don’t Count Eli Out

By Merrill Reese: The Giants’ Eli Manning gets a lot of criticism.  He’s not his brother, and he’s not Tom Brady, but he does have a Super Bowl MVP on his resume. The other night […]


BLOG: Some Replay Better Than No Replay

By Merrill Reese: There’s been a lot of conversation this week about the video replay. Andy Reid’s assistant coaches never had a chance to see the replay that would have shown them that a Falcons […]


BLOG: Let The Westbrook Comparisons Begin

By Merrill Reese: With all of the focus on Michael Vick and the receivers the guy who really deserves a great big spotlight is Shady McCoy. Comparing him with Brian Westbrook is no longer premature. […]


BLOG: What A Night For Jeremy Maclin

By Merrill Reese: I really felt for Jeremy Maclin the other night.  He was having the kind of night experienced by only the best receivers. 13 receptions, 171 yards, 2 touchdowns and then it happened.  […]


BLOG: Eagles Defense Unable To Stop Matt Ryan

By Merrill Reese: Michael Vick went out with an injury late in the third quarter and the Eagles relinquished a ten point lead and lost to the Falcons in Atlanta 35-31. The defense had a […]


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