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Eating Blueberries Can Help Fight Belly Fat And Diabetes

This is probably due to the high level of naturally occurring antioxidants in blueberries. Essentially this can lead to less abdominal fat, lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol, and improved fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity, all good signs for fighting diabetes.

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High Blood Pressure A Major Contributor To Health Problems

Thirty-five million people in the United States have high blood pressure, roughly about one half, are women, and according to the American Heart Association, they have certain characteristics that can be concerning.


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Survey: Many People Unaware Whooping Cough Is Widespread In The U.S.

Despite public health campaigns to let the general public know that pertussis is still a major health issue, many people feel that the infection also known as whooping cough, was eradicated 30 years ago and is no longer a problem.


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Swimming Safety Tips

This is the perfect time of the year to get out and find a place to swim. But a trip to the old swimming hole could be problematic-potentially. Recreational water illness is the term we use for kids getting infections from exposure to contaminated water.


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Mirror Movement Still Somewhat Puzzling To Researchers

It is one of the disorders of the human body that has fascinated researchers: primarily because they are not aware of the cause.


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High Blood Pressure Can Get Worse Over Time

High blood pressure is a chronic health problem and it’s what we call a progressive disorder, which means it gets worse over time if not controlled.


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Report: Substance Abuse Rising Among Older Americans

The government study finds the aging of the baby-boomer generation is resulting in rising levels of illegal drug use among adults 50 and older.


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Mirror Movements

Researchers have identified the genetic cause of mirror movements and have tracked its incidence in families.


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High Blood Pressure Is A Chronic Health Problem

High blood pressure is a chronic health problem and it’s what we call a progressive disorder which means it gets worse over time if not controlled.


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Study: Thinking Skills Improve More In Children With Regular Exposure To Green Space

According to a new study, thinking skills improve more in children with regular exposure to green space — that’s according to a new study of more than 2,500 second to fourth-graders.


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Can Eating Chocolate Lower The Risk Of Stroke?

As if we need another good excuse to eat chocolate, Swedish researchers found that women who ate a moderate amount of dark chocolate on a regular basis, lowered the risk of two types of strokes by 20 percent.


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The Importance Of Moving Around Throughout The Day

Some of the most important research in the past eighteen months has centered around the importance of moving around and not sitting for extended periods of time.


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Internet Having Huge Role In Health Advice, But Lack Of Regulation A Major Concern

We knew it was only a matter of time, but much like television in the last part of the twentieth century, the internet is having a huge role in health advice for the masses.


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Many Women Not Getting Necessary Screening For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, or weak bones, affects about ten million Americans.


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Tips When Dining Out

Many of us like to go out to a restaurant to eat, but there is a price—beyond the price of the food. The average American consumes an additional 200 calories, 3 to 4 grams of saturated fat, and an extra 300 to 450 grams of sodium on days that include dining out.