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Heel Pain

Do you wake up, jump out of bed and then have excruciating pain in your heel?

9 hours ago

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New Study On Adolescents And Alcohol Use

If you notice one of the key factors was parental supervision. This is the most important aspect and cannot be underestimated.


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Thanksgiving And The Risk Of Alcohol Related Accidents

There are few things as satisfying as getting together with loved ones and having a great meal. But there are health concerns.


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Bariatric Surgery

Someone who is going to have bariatric surgery needs counseling and support before it is undertaken.


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The Importance Of Exercise

What do the major medical organizations think about the best way to exercise?


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What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a medical condition that has become part of the medical toolbox over the past few years.


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Foods Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids Might Fight Dry Eye Syndrome

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like tuna, might fight dry eye syndrome, a problem which affects more than eight million people in this country.


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Caffeine And Exercise

It is a daily ritual for many people. Wake up early. Grab a cup of coffee. And run on the treadmill, or get some sort of workout. But there may be a downside.


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Waking Up While Undergoing Surgery

It is a very strange phenomenon but did you know that in very rare cases a patient—perhaps one out of every thousand actually wake up while undergoing surgery? What’s more disturbing is that these people can feel excruciating pain without being able to move or cry out.


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Olive Oil, Nuts Appear To Boost Brain Power When Added To Plant-Based Diet

Some land-based sources of healthy fats include olive oil and nuts. Olive oil and nuts appear to boost brainpower when added to a plant-based diet.


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Studies Suggest Vitamin E Might Help People With Alzheimer’s Disease

However, people with Alzheimer’s disease should only take vitamin E with a doctor’s ok. That’s because the vitamin can interfere with other drugs, including cholesterol-lowering medications.


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Hearing Loss Gradually Occurs With Age

We know that hearing loss that gradually occurs with age. The condition is called presbycusis and it impacts one in every three people between ages 65 to 74.


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New Study On High Consumption Of Sweetened Drinks

Now there is news from a study in Sweden that high consumption of sweetened drinks has been linked to increased risk for heart failure in middle-aged and older men.


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Research On Apple Consumption During Pregnancy

While there is no doubt that eating apples and other fruits is good for your health, researchers find that eating an apple when pregnant could have an extra special effect.


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Children And Sports

It is getting colder but there is still lots of outdoor activity with organized sports for our kids and the indoor sports are heating up as well.


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