Jay Lloyd’s Getaway

Jay Lloyd's Getaway

Getaway Guide To Savings On The Slopes

In case you missed it, we’ve already had snow in the Pocono Mountains. It’s time for skiers and riders to start checking the bankroll to figure out how far the skiing and riding dollar will travel this season. There are bargains to be had. Here’s where and how to cash in.


Kids Ski Free Getaway

When youngsters hit fourth and fifth grades, they’re also ready to hit the slopes – and they can do it with free season passes.


Getaway Guide To Pennsylvania Skiing Plus

There was a time in Pennsylvania when winters were cold. Natural and man-made snow piled up on slopes and trails.


Veterans Day Getaway

Veterans Day Getaway

Looking for a weekend getaway to explore the trials and triumphs of America’s veterans? KYW’s Jay Lloyd has a few ideas.


Guide To Veterans Weekend Sips And Sups

You may be shocked. But, spirits, mugs, drinking songs and a bit of boisterous behavior were always part of the military experience.


Barcelona Advisory

Political unrest in Barcelona has area travelers wondering about their planned cruises and Catalonia destinations in and around Barcelona. KYW’s Jay Lloyd has some guidance.


Dinner Party: To Splurge Or Save

Blow the bankroll on a dinner date or serve it up at home by candlelight and blow the bankroll on an after dinner club or theater tix?


Sail V.I. Getaway

The storm ravaged Virgin Islands are now looking to the community of recreational sailors to help salvage winter tourism. KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports that some charter fleets are already being restored.


Guide To The Transition Season

So which of my favorite spots, restaurants and recreation venues, golf courses included provides an indoor kick? Here’s a sampling.


Haunted Getaway

It’s the time for tales of haunted houses and trick or treating. KYW’s Jay Lloyd suggests a spirited Halloween Getaway.


Getaway Guide To Ski House Hunting

Time to go house hunting. No, not an everything but the kitchen sink move, but a search for that perfect house for a winter of skiing.


Historic Virginia Getaway

Feeling a mid-October chill in the air? KYW’s Jay Lloyd suggests extending summer-like weather with a historic Virginia Getaway.


Dining Guide To “The Usual”

So, concentrating on lunch, here are some of my favorites at frequently frequented local spots.


Flavorful Getaways

Are we losing the flavors of our youth? KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports they can be found on distant getaways. But the search won’t be easy.


Guide To Cheap Stuff

Mary is a rabid recycler. That’s a good thing. So, it should be no surprise that I often wind up wandering through a whole county’s throw aways and compost heaps.


RV Getaway

If Fall getaway plans include a leaf peeping road trip, KYW’s suggests a motor home – yours or a rental.


Getaway Guide To Autumn Birding

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by birds. And since birds fly on largely predictably migratory paths we can plan to see more species.


Fishing the Falls (Jay Lloyd)

Pocono Fall Outdoor Getaway

The nearby Pocono Mountains still offer pristine outdoor fall Getaways. KYW’s Jay Lloyd takes us there.


Cruise Ship in the Virgin Islands (Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide To Storm Impacted Destinations

Here’s a look at some tropical destinations that have been unaffected and a pair of year round resorts with more moderate temperatures but dynamic attractions.


American Treasure Getaway

You don’t have to go far from home to travel through generations of American life. KYW’s Jay Lloyd describes a day trip getaway to Oaks near King of Prussia.


Twenty-First Century Covered Wagon Getaway

Here’s a look at a pair of Fall destinations that are easy to navigate and breathtaking to visit.


Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: 9-11 Getaway

It will be 16 years on Monday since the “Twin Towers” fell.


Guide To Big Two Autumn Getaways

If you were raised in and around Philadelphia, there were two prime destinations for weekend family getaways and vacations.


Barcelona Getaway

A tragic terrorist attack focused world attention on Barcelona. But KYW’s Jay Lloyd reminds us that it is still one of the most vibrant of European getaway destinations.


Getaway Guide To Labor Day Reflections

Labor Day celebrates the men women and yes, even children who worked to build, feed and fuel America.


Sunday Drive Getaway

It was only the last century when family outings were called, “Sunday Drives.”


Guide To “Old Time” Chinese Eats

The Chinese restaurant scene has evolved into “Fusion” and highly reviewed eateries that offer heat infused dishes from exotic provinces.


Small Hotel Getaway

There’s a vanishing breed of romantic getaway lodging. KYW’s Jay Lloyd laments the loss of another small country hotel and suggests a stay at those remaining, before it’s too late.


Getaway Guide To The Captain John Smith Trail

Let’s set out in the wake of the Captain to visit some key locations on a venture to Maryland and Virginia.


Cape May Deck Eats Getaway

This summer in Cape May marks a special anniversary for KYW’s Jay Lloyd and he takes us where he celebrates.


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