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Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy

The finding of a new study indicates the United States could ultimately enrich everybody by improving the educational performance of the typical student.


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A Lesson In African American History On Display At Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Families will enjoy REPRESENT; 200 Years of African American Art, a beautiful exhibit highlighting more than two centuries of groundbreaking work.



Growing Population Of Latino Students Doing Well In School

Latinos represent the fastest growing group of students in the country’s public schools and a new report suggests they are making great strides in education.



Fewer Students Being ‘Held Back’

The overall retention rate peaked in the 2004-05 school year and by 2009-10 it had fallen to almost half that.



Study Indicates Many Kids Aren’t Ready When It Comes Time For Kindergarten

A study from the University of Virginia found that one in three young children rated poorly on kindergarten readiness.


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John F. Kennedy’s Message Still Important

This week is the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961, and the message he shared that day bears repeating.


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Online Education Provides Gateway To Jobs For Those Living In Poverty

Technology is changing the lives of the 28% of Philadelphia’s citizens living in poverty.



Students Get Hands On Aviation And Engineering Experience

Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Technology is providing students outside Washington with unique exposure to opportunities in the sciences.


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Law Schools Trying To Change With The Times

Some law schools are adding technology and practical training to adapt to a field that is less about expensive lawyering and more about providing legal services at lower cost.


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Fast Food Can Affect Student Learning

Findings from a national study show that fast food not only increases kids’ weight but decreases test scores.


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Nation’s Childcare Workers Earn Meager Wages

Childcare workers earn less than adults who work with animals and those in fast-food settings.


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Many Good Colleges

Major studies show little correlation between financial success and the selectivity of one’s college for those with persistence, imagination and energy.



Education In The News In 2014

Looking back at the world of education in 2014, there was much activity. Some progress was made but there’s still room for improvement.



Apps Make Learning Fun

Some free apps which one can get on any smartphone are engaging and reinforce classroom teachings.


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College Advising Corps Making A Difference For Disadvantaged Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published its 2014 Influence List and Nicole Hurd made it.