Brotherly Love


Brotherly Love: Teen Music Lounge

A popular music non-profit is offering something new for young people that doesn’t require a long commitment, just a few hours on a Friday.


Brotherly Love: Chesco Mom, Daughter Solve Missing Rings Mystery

Brotherly Love: Chesco Mom, Daughter Solve Missing Rings Mystery

A woman in Kentucky got the surprise of her life when she recently got a message from Pennsylvania, an answer to a mystery at least 20 years old.


Brotherly Love: Pop-Up Costume Shop At CHOP

It’s less than two weeks until Halloween, and that means stores are packed with potential princesses and superheroes.


Brotherly Love: Man & Teen Become ‘Bald Brothers’

A Philadelphia man who befriended a teenager with cancer wanted to fulfill a promise to him. You could say, he put his head in his hands.


Brotherly Love: The You Matter Marathon

A Montgomery County woman is holding a “marathon,” no running required, just a stack of cards and a smile.


Brotherly Love Jenkintown Bands Join Hurricane Relief

Brotherly Love: Jenkintown Bands Join Hurricane Relief

As yet another hurricane winds through the Caribbean, a group of Jenkintown musicians is throwing a concert to raise money to help the victims of these devastating storms.


Brotherly Love: Kindergartners, Preschoolers Help Texas School Reboot

Some Chester County preschoolers and kindergarteners are helping a flooded Houston school get back on track. They understand what kids need.


Brotherly Love: Family's Colorful RV Houston-Bound

Brotherly Love: Family’s Colorful RV Houston-Bound

Later this week, a family from Pennsylvania is saying goodbye to its beloved 1989 RV. We were there as contractors and volunteers worked to make the RV into a real home for a family in Texas.


Brotherly Love: Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month starts September 1. Earlier this month, we saw a real drive to help in Gloucester City, where hope came to the Crescent Mobile Home Park.


Brotherly Love: Farming For A Food Bank

A farm in West Chester is showing how much good can be done on just a little land. 


Brotherly Love: Making Fantastic Friends

Brotherly Love: Making Fantastic Friends

Marissa Hacker is 21 and started the first Fantastic Friends chapter when she was only 15, inspired by her twin brother Matt.


Brotherly Love: CHOP DROP, A Gift From Grateful Girls

This summer, CHOP DROP is back at it and it’s officially a nonprofit.


Brotherly Love: Healing Help For Refugees And Immigrants

Every Wednesday, Mavros offers his acupuncture services to immigrants and refugees who are coming through the Nationalities Service Center in Center City and going through stressful transitions.


Brotherly Love: Rebuilding Together on a Philly Block

Brotherly Love: Rebuilding Together on a Philly Block

A Philadelphia organization is making it easier for people to stay in their homes even if they can’t afford expensive repairs. It organizes an army of volunteers to swoop in and spruce up.


Brotherly Love: In Grief, A Message Signed Love, Clara

Later this year, boxes filled with notes and gifts are being delivered to grieving families in our area, courtesy of a Gloucester County mom and dad inspired by their daughter.


Brotherly Love: How Dinner Helps Young Strangers Bond Over Grief

These young people say they didn’t find comfort in traditional bereavement groups. So over food and wine, they are creating their own.


Brotherly Love: Teaching Girls The Queen’s Code

A woman raised in North Philadelphia is going back to her old neighborhood once a week. We found her giving brotherly love and sisterly affection to young girls, and she has drafted college students to help.


Brotherly Love: Kids Help Write Songs Of Kindness for New CD

Friday, a group of kids is throwing a community concert in Camden County. They’re part of a non-profit that wants to spread good cheer with good music. We caught a rehearsal in Oaklyn, where the young performers are getting ready for the big show.


Brotherly Love: Woman With MS Gets Disabled Moving

When a Delaware athlete became a paraplegic, she thought her athletic days were over. They weren’t.


Brotherly Love: Man With Paralysis Helps Others

A Philadelphia man could have let a devastating injury slow him down. He didn’t. He’s getting young people moving.


Brotherly Love: Giving Away Trash Grabbers To Fight Litter

A West Philadelphia pastor hopes he can start an anti-trash movement by equipping people with a $20 tool. The project not only gives away the tools for free, it also lets people win prizes.


Brotherly Love: Clinic Volunteers Treat Patients Free In Chester County

For almost 20 years, a medical clinic in Chester County has been spreading brotherly love treating thousands of patients. They do it with hundreds of medical professionals whose only pay is patients’ gratitude.


Brotherly Love: Disabled People Learn To Cook With Confidence

A Philadelphia pilot program is helping people with disabilities learn to cook, and wait till you see where it is.


Brotherly Love: Seniors Read To Students

Every Friday at a school in Aston, students sit down to wrap up the week with a book. Their reading partners are senior citizens who volunteer their time.


Brotherly Love: The Blessing Bags Project Making Special Deliveries To Help Homeless

For the third year, two Chester County women are making some special deliveries on the streets of Philadelphia.


Brotherly Love: 15-Hour Hockey Marathon

Next Friday, some middle school students are getting special permission to stay up late.


Brotherly Love: “6th Man” Gives Away Basketballs

Michael is not just delivering legal documents. He is giving away hundreds of brand-new basketballs, no questions asked.


Brotherly Love: Barber Takes Craft To The Streets For Homeless

A West Philadelphia hair stylist is hitting the streets to help the homeless. Brennon Jones’ barber shop is on the street.


Brotherly Love: Disabled Volunteers Help Food Pantry

At the Cherry Hill Food Pantry, clients are treated like valued customers.


Brotherly Love: Helping the Community Despite Disability

Fran Warner, volunteer coordinator for Meals on Wheels, said, “Everybody’s working together and working happy. It’s just a friendship.”


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