APP-tastic and Outta SITE

app tastic show header2 APP tastic and Outta SITE

Heroes Charge App

Heroes Charge is a perfectly innocuous game. It’s not offensive and is fun in small doses, but it’s not a game that’s likely to consume players.


Keyboard Sound App

If you do a lot of typing on your phone, those little taps can get a bit old after a while. You could always mute the phone – or, you could try Keyboard Sound.


Dig Duck App

DigDuck lets you send photo messages to friends, letting you pixel out elements to spark their curiosity.


Disposable Camera App

Digital photos are convenient, but they take away some of the fun of photography. The Disposable Camera app brings that back.


Week Weather App

Week Weather shows you when it will be cloudy, sunny or raining all over the world.


Terraria App

Terraria is an app – based on a PC game – that not only lets users create whatever their imagination can dream up, but it makes use of those creations.


Video Grabber App

The Video Grabber app lets you save copies of videos you watch in your browser to your phone’s memory.


Ovia App

Ovia offers daily updates on your pregnancy and the baby’s size and development.


Due App

The Due app acts as a scheduler of sorts, pinging you with reminders as bill payment dates approach.


Spy Light App

The Spylight app lets you shop for the products or clothes you see on TV or in a film.


My Om Nom

Tamagotchi have hit the app store – with the familiar look of the hero of the Cut the Rope games.


Screeny App

Screeny is an app that digs through all of your photos searching for screenshots, letting you decide whether to keep or expunge them.


Active Voice App

Most smart phones have a feature letting you convert speech to text but Active Voice refines the process.


Fotobom App

The Fotobom app lets you easily remove photo backgrounds and transplant subjects into new shots.


Yuggler App

The Yuggler app may be a godsend for parents, detailing nearby family-friendly activities and events.


Big Hero Six: Baymax Blast

When it comes to film tie-ins, Big Hero 6: Baymax Blast is probably not what you’d expect from the hit Disney film.


9 Gag App

The 9 Gag app, based on the popular site, is a depository of funny posts.


Layout From Instagram App

Layout from Instagram lets you easily create remixes of photos, laying multiple ones out on a single page.


Fit In Minutes

While the name of the Fit in Minutes app may be misleading, it’s at least a step in the right direction.


Choosic App

Choosic is an app that takes a ‘hot or not’ sort of approach to music.


Cat Facts Extreme App

If there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s cats – so it was probably only a matter of time before that surge made it to the app world.


Dual Radar Widget App

The Dual Radar Widget is one of the better weather apps on the market.


Gibbon App

Gibbon puts together playlists of sorts, combining the best articles and vidoes to help you learn about a variety of topics.


Mission Margarita App

It’s Cinco de Mayo – and while you could high tail it to your favorite Mexican restaurant for a margarita, you might check out Mission Margarita instead.


Star Wars: Commander App

There don’t seem to be a lot of immediately unique qualities to Star Wars: Commander, other than its well-known universe. Still, that universe adds a lot.


Best Fiends App

On the surface, Best Fiends looks like another match three game – and it’s a great one. But there’s a role-playing side.


Infinit App

The Infinit app lets you send photos, videos and more – of any size – in full resolution.


Waze App

Waze now not only tells you how to get to your destination, it lets you know how long you’ll be stuck in traffic.


Periscope App

Periscope is the Twitter-owned live streaming tool that makes broadcasting easy.


Meerkat App

Meerkat lets you instantly live stream what’s going on around you to your Twitter feed.


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