APP-tastic and Outta SITE

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Valentine’s Day Recipes App

The Valentine’s Day Recipes app is loaded with nearly 150 different ideas for the day.


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Red Stamp App

RedStamp lets you create and send both paper and digital cards to friends and loved ones.


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Bouqs App

The Bouqs app lets you send a variety of flowers – from roses to orchids – grown on a South American volcano.


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Dumb Ways 2 Die App

Sometimes you just need a time waster – and Dumb Ways to Die 2 fits that bill perfectly.


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Disco Fingers App

The Disco Fingers app lets you compose your own music.


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Trivia Crack App

Taking a competitive page from Words With Friends and Candy Crush Saga, Trivia Crack puts a winning formula on a new type of game.



Snow Buddy App

The SnowBuddy app lets winter sports enthusiasts keep up with the fun – and with friends who also enjoy the snow.


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Sleep Better App

The Sleep Better app is designed to improve the quality of your sleep.


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Weather Or Not App

There are plenty of apps that give you the forecast but, perhaps, none as elegantly designed as Weather or Not.


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Haunting Melissa App

There aren’t a lot of horror stories that have worked well on mobile devices but Haunting Melissa is at the top of the class.


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Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 App

It seems like we were just talking about Five Nights at Freddy’s but the sequel is already out – and it’s just as good.


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Replay App

The Replay app removes some of the pain of making your phone’s home movies look better.


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Next Glass App

The Next Glass app can offer a drink you’re likely to enjoy based on a taste profile built from beers and wines you’ve already had.


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Homescreen App

If you’ve got a wide base of people curious about your favorite apps, the Homescreen app can be somewhat handy.


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Sit Or Squat App

The Sit or Squat app, from Charmin, will let you search for the nearest public restroom.