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If you’d like to contact any member of our “Remember When” crew, or share a special memory from your past with us, please send us an e-mail at  We’d love to hear from you!


jimmy murray 2 Remember WhenJim Murray

Jimmy Murray is the former general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles.  During his 14 years with the team, Jimmy assumed leadership roles in a number of community projects.  He helped start the very successful Eagles Fly For Leukemia campaign.  Jimmy was also a founder of the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia.  There are now more than 300 such houses worldwide.  From Ronald Reagan, Jim received the Presidential Medal for Volunteers of America and the prestigious Bert Bell Man of the Year Award.

Jimmy was also bestowed the honor – along with only eleven others, including such notables as Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Girard and Rev. Leon Sullivan – as prominent volunteers who have enriched the region with their selflessness and cited for unparalleled volunteerism.   Jimmy was also named one of the 75 Greatest Living Philadelphians – those whose positive contributions have touched the lives of so many in this area.

steve ross 2 Remember WhenSteve Ross

After reading of all of Jimmy’s sterling accomplishments and many contributions to mankind, Steve pondered about what to write about himself.  After much contemplation, Steve decided on this.  First, since he’s a really good friend of Jimmy Murray, Steve recalled one of his grandmother’s favorite expressions, “Show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you who you are.”  Now, if that sounds to you as if I’m trying to glom on to Jimmy’s pristine reputation, through my grandmother’s words, well……then, you’d be correct.

But seriously folks, Steve has worked in radio (if you want to call that work) for over three decades, as an air personality on several stations, including WIBG, WFIL, WYSP, WWBD, WCAU, WXTU and WIOQ.  Aside from his “Remember When” co-hosting duties, Steve also serves as co-host for “PA Harness Week” – a half-hour TV show – broadcast every Saturday at 10:30 AM, on Comcast Sportsnet.

jackie 21 Remember WhenJackie Strauss

Jackie is a lovely lady who began as a fervent listener of “Remember When.”  She would occasionally call-in to the show and we noted her lively cleverness and warm, beautiful speaking voice.  Shortly thereafter, Jackie began phoning in her weekly reports – acknowledging listener birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and such.  This popular, eagerly-awaited segment became known as, “The Times of Your Life,”  and Jackie has become a very nice addition to “Remember When.”  Her passion for the show is undeniable and she writes a weekly essay on Facebook about memories from her days gone by.  And, oh yes, she’s a real babe, too!

Okay, so what is Remember When all about?

Well, it’s not about what is, or what’s going to be, it’s all about what was.  Remember When is for those who enjoy gazing into life’s rear view mirror and admiring the reflection.

Most of us work hard trying to make a better life. Often – particularly during these tough economic times – things tend to get downright stressful. That’s why the Monday-to-Friday grind is known as “the work week.”

Then, just when you’ve about had it up to here dealing with life’s trials and tribulations, along comes the weekend – and not a minute too soon!

Ahh, the weekend! Play time! Time for a big time attitude adjustment! The same old same old, just won’t do.

It’s 11 o’clock on Saturday night and time to enter the time capsule that will whisk you back to “the good old days! Back when we were footloose and fancy free! Going downashore. Walkin’ the ‘boards. Road trips. Drive-ins. Simonizing your jalopy. Canoodling your main squeeze!

It’s Remember When on The New Talk Radio 1210!

Remember When is a big, fluffy comfort zone. Like resting your head on a squishy down pillow. A welcome oasis from the world of stress; a rest stop along life’s super highway. Well, you get the idea….

Each Saturday night – from 11pm-1am – your hosts Steve Ross, Jimmy Murray along with your neighborhood correspondent, Jackie Strauss, invite you to kick back, relax and gaze into life’s rear view mirror and admire the reflection – as Remember When takes flight!

Remember When is unique – and uniquely Philly! It’s live and local and unlike other talk shows, Remember When has no edge, nor confrontation – just smiles!  That’s the way we like it.  And we think you will, too!

Since nostalgia is yesterday and as far back as you can remember, most everyone can relate to the topics discussed on Remember When.

9/11 was nearly a decade ago….the turn of the century  – and Y2K scare – was more than 11 years ago…..the “Blizzard of ’96″ was 15 years ago and the O.J. Simpson “slow-speed-Bronco-chase” was 17 years ago!

Yes, time does fly! In fact, the older we get, the more the hands of the clock seem to resemble a ceiling fan on high!  And speaking of high, oh well……never mind.

Here’s some classic Remember When’s designed to turn on your mind’s spigot full force and let those memories flow out freely!

Remember When…….

TV’s had tubes that had to warm up and took a few minutes before you could see a picture. Then when those tubes went bad, you could take them to the tube-testing machine at places like “Two Guys.”

Before remote control, you had to actually get up to change channels, adjust the volume, or deal with horizontal and vertical hold and darkness and lightness knobs. Oh Horrors!

The NBC peacock’s feathers would expand, as the announcer said, “The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC.”

Kids would come home from school and their mothers would be there; they would have to take off their school clothes & change into their play clothes.

You loved doing tricks with your Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo.  You’d put baseball cards, or balloons into the spokes of your Schwinn bicycle, to make it sound like a motorcycle?

You’d play dead box in the street? And all of the “Ball games” – Stick, box, wire, step, half, hose, dodge? Or, “Chink” up against the schoolyard wall? Running bases?  We’d hang on the monkey bars?

Tug McGraw striking out Willie Wilson as the Phils won the 1980 World Series.

When police cars were red & police vans were called meat, or paddy wagons?

We played with Hula Hoops? Slinky? Electric football? Flexible Flyer sleds? Lionel & American Flyer trains?
Before “sugar” became a four-letter word for cereals.

Coin books were given away by your bank. Drive-ins – movies & restaurants. Oil cloths, cigar boxes, and ink wells in school.

Red ball service at Atlantic/Arco gas stations? If they didn’t offer to check your oil, or clean your windshield, your gas purchase was FREE!  We collected stamps?

The Marriot on City Line Avenue – Fairfield Inn; Kona Kai; Windjammer?  Cavalier Restaurant, Hawaiian Cottage, Cottage Green?  S & H Green Stamps Raleigh coupons – Raleigh/Bel Air cigarettes?

The Philadelphia Ramblers played ice hockey at the Arena?  The roof blew off the Spectrum?  Remember When there was the Spectrum?  Bandstand was at 46th & Market Streets & Pop Singer’s a block away?

We’d wear Chuck Taylor Converse; P.F. Flyers; Keds; Flagg Flyers?  Sneakers were worn only for gym; you’d put cardboard inside of your sneaker when it got a hole in its sole?  We played with caps & pop guns?

When appearance mattered. When people dressed up to go anywhere?  Movie theaters were “healthfully air conditioned?”  We ate at $.15 cent hamburger joints; enjoyed Rosati’s water ice & Sno-cones?

We told “Knock knock” jokes?  Everyone had their favorite make-out spot to watch the “submarine races”?We knew the year, make & model of virtually every car on the road!  Watching Rootie Kazootie & Polka Dottie?  When dishes & glasses came inside of detergent boxes.

We shopped at Food Fair, Penn Fruit/Dales & A & P? Or, department stores like Gimbels, Lit Brothers, Snellenburg’s, Wanamakers, Strawbridge & Clothier, E.J. Korvette’s, S.Klein on the Square, The Blum Store, Bonwit Teller, Rowell’s in Germantown…Luria’s, Maryanne Shoppes, Ladybug, Fashion Bug.

Some old supper clubs: The Latin Casino, Palumbo’s, Sciola’s.  And local nightspot/restaurants where we’d party: The Electric Factory, Second Story, Club Elan/Polo Bay, The Maitre D’, D’Scene, Bank Street 5, Fran O’Brien’s, The Library, Gene’s on the Boulevard, Mallard Inn, Charles Lounge, Gatsby’s, Enchante’, Emerald City, Dick Lee’s, Franchine’s, Diamond Lounge, Harlow’s, Harvey House, Lou Tendlers, Jimmy’s Milan.

So join us each and every Saturday night at 11 for Remember When only on CBS Radio – The New Talk Radio 1210, WPHT!   Don’t be late; we’ll be waitin’ on ya!

Yours in warm n’ wonderful memories,

Your Remember When Crew

Steve’s Mom, Mildred, who delivers her hysterical weekly joke
on each “Remember When”

  • Then
  • steve mom then 2 Remember When

And here with her late husband and Steve’s Dad, Fred, a few years later….

  • steve mom now Remember When