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Pat Loeb

Pat Loeb
Pat Loeb’s radio experience has the makings of a country song: she lived a lot of places, went down a lot of roads, but they all led her home — to Philadelphia and to KYW Newsradio, where she started her career some 30 years ago.

Born and raised in Philadelphia and environs, she graduated magna cum laude from Temple University’s renowned School of Communications and Theatre and, after three invaluable years at KYW, spent the majority of her work life in public radio, including four years as a foreign correspondent based in Asia, which gave her the opportunity to cover stories such as coups d’etat, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and the return of Imelda Marcos to Manila to reclaim her shoes.

A digression into motherhood was punctuated by print work for the Washington Post, the Congressional Quarterly, and the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, among other gigs.

She returned to radio in Los Angeles, as a correspondent for the public radio business show “Marketplace.”

Pat rejoined KYW in 2008 and says she is “incredibly grateful for the chance to once again work with the most outstanding broadcast news team in the Delaware Valley… make that the most outstanding broadcast news team anywhere.”

Pat is married to Vernon Loeb, managing editor of the  Houston Chronicle, and is the mother of four amazing children:  Katie Loeb, of New York City; David, a student at Temple University; Frances, an All-American runner at Johns Hopkins; and Julia, a student at Colorado University-Boulder.

Connect with Pat Loeb on Twitter: @PatLoeb

Chaka Fattah speaking

Congressman Fattah Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Corruption/Racketeering Charges

Prosecutors allege Fattah participated in actions including bribery, bank fraud, and money laundering. Fattah maintains he did nothing wrong.


(credit: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

New Jersey Transit Selling Papal Rail Passes

Passengers planning to ride New Jersey Transit trains to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia need to get tickets in advance.


(credit: CBS)

SEPTA Gives Disappointed Papal Visit Lottery Riders Another Chance At First Choice Stations

The upshot is there are more tickets available at stations SEPTA originally thought would be full. This allows riders who only got their second or third choice stations, the opportunity to buy or trade in a pass for their first choice station.


(Credit: CBS)

Mayor Nutter Addresses How Businesses Will Cope With The Pope’s Visit

Mayor Nutter said the City Commerce Department has developed an online “business resource center” just for the Pope’s visit that will be on the city website beginning Monday.


Onlookers shade their eyes for the topping off ceremony at Sugarhouse Casino in Fishtown. (Credit: Pat Loeb)

Topping Off Ceremony Marks Expansion For SugarHouse Casino

SugarHouse fought a second casino license for Philadelphia, arguing the market was saturated, but it’s adding hundreds of new slots and dozens of new table games.


Darlene Pope outside of her house, where Darrell Clarke announced the expansion of Philadelphia's EnergyFIT program. (credit: Pat Loeb)

Expansion Promised For Philadelphia’s EnergyFIT Program

City Council President Darrell Clarke, on Wednesday, promised to expand a program that helps low-income Philadelphia residents stay in their homes by making repairs and improving energy efficiency.


(Leaving a Philadelphia City Hall courtroom in early March, Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane speaks with reporters.  File photo by Pat Loeb)

Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s Driver Pleads Not Guilty

A former police chief, who serves as Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s driver, has pleaded not guilty to charges he helped her leak grand jury material.


WXTU D.J. Brian McKay visits the KYW Newsradio studio. (credit: Pat Loeb)

Philadelphia Radio Disc Jockey Among Voices In Special Papal Choir

WXTU D.J. Brian McKay has a full, rich baritone voice, so it seems like he’d be a shoe-in for the choir. But he wasn’t so sure.


Charles Bouges shares his story of homelessness. (credit: Pat Loeb)

Officials Poised To Declare Success In Ending Veteran Homelessness

Two years after launching a collaborative effort to end veteran homelessness, the agencies involved have announced that they are close to success.


(Credit:  Matt Rivers)

Secret Service: We Expect City To Be “Open For Business” During Papal Visit

Some residents have voiced concerns that public transit in the area will be limited while Pope Francis is here.


Temple University rowers and University officials broke ground on work to restore their historic boathouse. (credit: Pat Loeb/KYW)

Temple Rowing Takes Step Toward Restoring Historic Boathouse

Temple University rowers and University officials broke ground on work to restore their historic boathouse.


Chaka Fattah File Photo (Credit: Michael Buckner/ Getty Images)

Rep. Chaka Fattah Indicted On Multiple Charges

Pennsylvania Congressman Chaka Fattah has been indicted on charges he misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars of federal, charitable and campaign funds.


Comcast executive Karen Buchholz, who was president of Philadelphia 2000 which brought the Republican National Convention to the city in 2000. (Photo provided by Comcast Corporation)

With One Year To Go Until The Democratic National Convention, Tips From The 2000 Republican Convention

Philadelphia is anxiously awaiting the Pope’s visit in two months but save some of your energy: The Democratic National Convention is just one year away and the woman who organized the last nominating convention the city hosted says it will take another huge, city-wide hospitality effort.


(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Project To Get Black Men To The Voting Booth, Through The Barber Shop, Gets Knight Funding

To paraphrase the 2003 movie “Barbershop,” Duerward Beale believes something as simple as a haircut can change the way a man feels about the electoral process.


(Left to right) Jamal parker, Jovan McCoy and Greg Corbin (credit: Pat Loeb)

International Youth Poetry Champions Are Philadelphia Hometown Heroes

A Philadelphia team is the new International Youth Poetry Slam Champion. Philly Youth Poetry Movement won the finals of the Brave New Voices competition in Atlanta, last week.