Pat Loeb

Pat Loeb
Pat Loeb’s radio experience has the makings of a country song: she lived a lot of places, went down a lot of roads, but they all led her home — to Philadelphia and to KYW Newsradio, where she started her career some 30 years ago.

Born and raised in Philadelphia and environs, she graduated magna cum laude from Temple University’s renowned School of Communications and Theatre and, after three invaluable years at KYW, spent the majority of her work life in public radio, including four years as a foreign correspondent based in Asia, which gave her the opportunity to cover stories such as coups d’etat, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and the return of Imelda Marcos to Manila to reclaim her shoes.

A digression into motherhood was punctuated by print work for the Washington Post, the Congressional Quarterly, and the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, among other gigs.

She returned to radio in Los Angeles, as a correspondent for the public radio business show “Marketplace.”

Pat rejoined KYW in 2008 and says she is “incredibly grateful for the chance to once again work with the most outstanding broadcast news team in the Delaware Valley… make that the most outstanding broadcast news team anywhere.”

Pat is married to Vernon Loeb, managing editor of the  Houston Chronicle, and is the mother of four amazing children:  Katie Loeb, of New York City; David, a student at Temple University; Frances, an All-American runner at Johns Hopkins; and Julia, a student at Colorado University-Boulder.

Connect with Pat Loeb on Twitter: @PatLoeb

Jim Kenney, the night of his Democratic primary win in the Philadelphia mayoral race.  File photo by KYW's Pat Loeb

Mayor-Elect Kenney Announces More Appointments To His Administration, Including Managing Director

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney announced more key appointments to his administration at a City Hall news conference Friday.


(File photo by Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Comcast To Go Before City Council For Once In 15 Years Hearing On Franchise Agreement

Nutter administration negotiators and Comcast executives are scheduled to testify first, followed by panels of stakeholders, such as Hannah Sassaman of the media mobilizing project.


Philadelphia Skyline (Credit:  Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Phila. City Council To Pass Bill To Create Office To Investigate Wage Thefts

“There’s a study that shows there are 90,000 incidents of wage theft per week,” says Nadie Hewka, an attorney for Community Legal Services.


(Credit: CBS3)

Veteran Homelessness Goes From Embarrassment To Success Story In Philadelphia

Philadelphia housing officials say they’ve essentially ended veteran homelessness in the city with the help of a coalition of federal and private providers.


(credit: CBS)

Dozens Of Demonstrators Push For Higher Minimum Wage

Dozens of workers joined a nation-wide demonstration, Tuesday, to push for a $15 minimum wage.


Jerri Williams. (Credit: Pat Loeb)

SEPTA’s Jerri Williams Trades Day Job For The Writer’s Life

She’ll announce, today, that she’s leaving SEPTA, not for another employer, but to pursue her dream of becoming a crime novelist.


A city council hearing was held Thursday regarding Schuylkill River Trail safety. (Credit: Pat Loeb)

City Explores Ways To Make Schuylkill River Trail Safer

All this in light of reports that runners and others using the trail have been harassed and, in at least one case, attacked.


Jim Kenney, the night of his Democratic primary win in the Philadelphia mayoral race.  File photo by KYW's Pat Loeb

Phila. Mayor-Elect Jim Kenney Names 170 To Transition Team

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney has named 170 people to his transition team.


(credit: CBS 3)

Mayor-Elect Jim Kenney Offers Broad Hint Of Who Next Police Commissioner Will Be

He gave one very clear hint about someone who will be a major player in his administration.


(Photo credit: Paul Gluck)

Race For Republican City Council-At-Large Seats Provides Only Drama In Philly’s General Election

It appears that one of the Republican council-at-large seats will change hands.


(Credit: CBS3)

5 Of 7 City Council Seats Expected To Go To Democrats, Other 2 Up For Grabs

There are seven at-large seats and five candidates from each party so, traditionally, two seats go to Republicans.


Kenney campaigning at an event  in May (credit: CBS3)

Phila. Mayoral Candidate Says Immigrants Should Be Treated Like Human Beings

It’s not an issue in Philadelphia’s mayoral campaign, but candidate Jim Kenney spent part of his last day on the campaign trail discussing immigration policy.


(credit:  Jessica Kourkounis/ Getty Images)

Philadelphia Democrats Concerned About Low Turnout For General Election

Philadelphia’s Democratic leaders are feeling the downside of ruling a one-party town. Turnout for the general election is expected to be so low that it could hurt their candidate’s chances in the statewide judicial election on Tuesday.


(Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Bill To Renew Comcast Franchise In Philadelphia Introduced To City Council

A bill to renew Comcast cable’s franchise in Philadelphia was introduced into City Council.


(credit CBS)

37 Years Later, Lead Paint Is Still Problem In Philadelphia

It may be hard to believe that 37 years after lead paint was banned, it remains a problem in Philadelphia. But the federal government wants to help and the city received nearly $4 million today to get the lead out of homes.




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