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Philadelphia’s own Nicole Brewer joined CBS 3 in April, 2008 as local television’s first digital journalist, reporting primarily for She was later promoted to anchor for the weekend morning newscasts on CBS 3. Currently, Brewer both anchors and reports for the station.

Before joining CBS 3, Nicole had been a feature reporter and producer for the nightly news magazine Tempo at WLVT, the PBS station in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. While there, she helped write, produce and report on “Kids and Gangs: A Tempo Special Report,” which won a 2008 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award. She was also recognized by the Associated Press in 2009 for her feature, “Parents on Facebook.”

A former Miss Pennsylvania 2005, Nicole competed in the Miss America Pageant in January, 2006 placing as a top ten semi-finalist. She attended Millersville University, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in speech communications.

A native of Philadelphia, Nicole grew up in the Overbook section of the city. Active in the community, she focuses her volunteer efforts on causes dealing with today’s youth. She serves on the board of, the internet leader in teen crisis counseling.

Nicole, her husband and their son make their home in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Connect with Nicole Brewer on Twitter: @Nicole_Brewer; and on Facebook: Nicole Brewer.

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