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Fantasy Spotlight

tux Fantasy SpotlightJamie Lynch aka “Silent Bro” has been the producer of the Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow show for four years, four long years. A man who has been playing fantasy football for over ten years and one of the few people in the world that can claim a perfect fantasy season.  He was able to go 17-0 in a competitive fantasy year and achieve the unthinkable.


Harvey Harris or “Fantasy Harv” as you may know him from the Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow show, would give weekly fantasy advice call-ins on Fridays. Harvey has the honor of being the reigning champion of the WIP Fantasy league, and this is a man that sleeps, breath and lives for fantasy football.  He is the John Clayton of the fantasy world.


Fantasy Spotlight

Fantasy Spotlight

Your home for fantasy football help all season long. We'll help you from the draft till your fantasy championship.


About eight years ago, I woke up one morning, turned to my wife and said, “Honey I want to explore the fantasy industry in Las Vegas”. Without even as much as batting an eye she said, “OK but make sure you bring protection!” Funny lady that Mrs. Fantasy Harv.

Yes this was a typical midlife crisis moment (which now gives you an idea of my age). Everything was and still is going well. I have a successful business selling medical and fitness diagnostic equipment. A wonderful marriage going on 27 years. Two great kids, the dog, the house in the suburbs. Great stuff. But I’ve always had a passion for sports and needed to explore this relatively new craze called fantasy football.

So I did in fact hop on a plane to Las Vegas that summer to attend a meeting of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (yes this is an actual organization). I didn’t know anyone there and it was somewhat intimidating to be in a room where everyone is considered an “expert”. There I listened to panels of people who were actually making a living from this game. Turns out that fantasy sports industry in 2004 was a $3.5 billion dollar industry…and it was just getting started!

Later that year I stopped by McDonalds in Bensalem where WIP did a remote show. I introduced myself to Anthony Gargano and suggested to him that if he didn’t have an agent, I knew of one that I thought he’d hit it off with. A lady by the name of Jackie Harris in NY who represents Stuart Scott, Chris Rose, Melissa Stark to name a few. Not only did they hit it off, a great friendship developed. Oh yes, Jackie is my sister and now my agent too!

Anthony knew about my interest in fantasy football and suggested that I do a call in segment each week. On his show, almost all of the regular callers have some kind of nickname. A call in from Harvey Harris on fantasy football, not so exciting. But “Fantasy Harv”, that might work. Add a catchy theme song for my introduction. And make sure you have a good tag line. My first attempted tag line was “GO ALL YOU INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS!” which was OK. So I turned to Mrs. Fantasy Harv and asked her for one. Without hesitation she said, how about “THERE IS NO TEAM IN I!” My jaw dropped and I just looked at her. How did she come up with the perfect tag line just like that (that’s rhetorical, she’s just pretty smart!)?

So Fantasy Harv has been a fun segment and I’ve actually met people who know me from the segment (I’m like a “Z” list celebrity so the only place to go is up). Still, I felt like we could do more and decided to approach WIP with the idea of a one hour fantasy show. I’d need a partner. Someone younger and much smarter. Someone like a Jamie Lynch, the producer of the afternoon show. Those of you who have heard his characters know just how talented he is and this platform gives him the chance to shine.

You might ask, “what makes us experts in fantasy football”? Do you know the old joke (and I’m probably dating myself), “What do you call the student who finishes last in his class at the University of Guadalajara Medical School”? They call him DOCTOR! There are a lot of so called experts out there. And they all play against each other in “Expert Leagues”. Someone finishes last in that league and yes, he (or she) can still claim to be an expert. There’s no college that I know of that is offering a degree in fantasy sports and frankly, this isn’t rocket science. We just spend a ridiculous amount of time pouring over stats, trends, and matchups and more often than not, we get it right.

It’s our rookie season as experts on Fantasy Spotlight and we hope our show will be a great source of information, education and of course, entertainment. We’ll be with you on Saturday nights throughout the season and if you can’t catch the show, the podcast will be up on Saturday nights as well.

A big thanks to all at WIP for making this happen and remember, “There Is No Team In I!”


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