Dr. Brian McDonough

McDonough_Brian StFrancisHosp 175xDr. Brian McDonough has been medical editor at KYW Newsradio for more than a quarter-century (since 1987)!

Brian McDonough has been honored as Family Physician of the Year by the Delaware Academy of Family Physicians, and is a Sir William Osler Award winner for his role in medical student and resident education at both Temple and St. Francis.

He has been given awards of recognition by the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association for his work as a physician.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.  He is on advisory committees for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Medical Association.

He has earned the Walter Alvarez Award for medical writing and the Jules Bergman Award for medical reporting.

Dr. McDonough is the recipient of four Emmy Awards, which he earned over a twenty-five year career in television, including work at Fox television and NBC.

He also serves as clinical professor of family medicine at Temple University School of Medicine, his alma mater, and chairman of the family medicine department at St. Francis Hospital, where he also serves as chief medical information officer (CMIO).

In addition, Dr. McDonough is a member of the board of directors of St. Francis.

Dr. McDonough is in demand as a speaker for both health-related issues and his knowledge of the use of electronic medical records to enhance patient care.

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Can Eating Chocolate Lower The Risk Of Stroke?

As if we need another good excuse to eat chocolate, Swedish researchers found that women who ate a moderate amount of dark chocolate on a regular basis, lowered the risk of two types of strokes by 20 percent.


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The Importance Of Moving Around Throughout The Day

Some of the most important research in the past eighteen months has centered around the importance of moving around and not sitting for extended periods of time.


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Internet Having Huge Role In Health Advice, But Lack Of Regulation A Major Concern

We knew it was only a matter of time, but much like television in the last part of the twentieth century, the internet is having a huge role in health advice for the masses.


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Many Women Not Getting Necessary Screening For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, or weak bones, affects about ten million Americans.


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Tips When Dining Out

Many of us like to go out to a restaurant to eat, but there is a price—beyond the price of the food. The average American consumes an additional 200 calories, 3 to 4 grams of saturated fat, and an extra 300 to 450 grams of sodium on days that include dining out.


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Study: Surgery For Obesity May Not Have Long-Term Effects

A report says there is a group over a long period of time who actually lose the effect and potentially could end up in a worse situation.


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What Is An EKG?

EKG tests help your doctor detect or diagnose a wide variety of heart problems.


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What Is The Best Amount Of Exercise?

Exercise increases your brain’s plasticity, or connections between cells. It also releases a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This chemical helps new brain cells develop and thrive.


Cancer patient talks to doctor

Study: Cancer Treatment Is Working, But Eligible Patients Aren’t Receiving It

The three-year survival rate jumped from 71% to 81% in the women undergoing the test.


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This Is The Time Of Year When Many Become Aware Of Skin Lesions, Including Skin Cancer

This is the time of year when many of us become aware of skin lesions including skin cancer. The major reason is that we notice our skin because we are wearing lighter clothes and clothes that reveal more of us like bathing suits.


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High-Pressure Jobs And Risk For Heart Disease

A healthy lifestyle may protect your heart from the pressure long hours, a demanding environment, and a lack of control all contribute to job strain.


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Creating A Birth Plan

If you are pregnant or thinking about having a baby in the near future you may have heard about birth plans and wonder if you need one. A birth plan can be a helpful tool to make sure your wishes for your baby’s birth are known.


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Hepatitis C Screening

It’s never easy to learn you have a chronic condition, but it’s important to know if there is potential to control that condition or even begin early treatment.


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Wearing Contact Lenses

It is important to get eye exams on a regular basis and perhaps the most important step is hygiene: hand washing and cleaning of the lenses.


John Smoltz speaks during the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 26, 2015 in Cooperstown, New York.Smoltz was inducted with Pedro Martinez,Craig Biggio and Randy Johnson (Credit: Elsa/Getty Images)

Smoltz, Experts Agree On Dangers Of Playing Just One Sport

Many children now at a very important age and stage of development are overusing particular muscles, whether the sport they play is soccer, baseball, or tennis.