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Which Philadelphia talk show host can judge the Miss Kensington Pageant one day, and talk with Mayor Michael Nutter about a “New Day” in Philadelphia? Philadelphia marvel Dom Giordano. Dom offers an intelligent “guy next door” sensibility that’s as comfortable as your favorite chair. Born and raised in South Philly, Dom’s local flavor makes him one of the region’s best-connected media personalities. Dom Giordano’s mix of compelling topics, great local callers and provocative guests produces fascinating talk radio. Dom began his unique path to broadcasting as a high school teacher in the Delaware Valley, where he received widespread media coverage for his innovative teaching and motivational techniques with his students.

Giordano was hired at WWDB Radio in 1987, becoming the country’s first teacher-turned-talk show host. “Talkers Magazine” named Dom one of the Top 100 Most Influential Talk Show Hosts in America for five years. Dom is a frequent guest commentator on the Fox News Channel, CNN’s “Talkback Live”, Court TV, “It’s Your Call” on Comcast’s CN8, NBC-10 News, and WHYY-TV 12 News Programs. Dom is a frequent fill in host for the Lou Dobbs Radio Show and formerly for the Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly. Dom also writes frequent columns for newspapers throughout the region, including “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, “The Bucks County Courier Times”, “The Main Line Times”, and “The Northeast Times”. Dom lives in Germantown with his wife Rosemary, and their two sons, Luke and DJ.

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(Medical marijuana.  File photo by David McNew/ Getty Images)

Columnist Discusses Legalization Of Marijuana In Colorado

Wayne Laugesen, from the Colorado Springs Gazette told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Midday host Dom Giordano that he has not seen any real upside with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.


Dom Show Log 4.8.15

Dom discussed the shooting of an unarmed man by a police officer in South Carolina, Senator Rand Paul announcing his campaign for President, Mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham collapsing, At 10:35, Senator Pat Toomey joined discussing the Iran deal and Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. At 11:35,

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–04/08/2015

(Doug Oliver announces the formation of an committee exploring his possible run for mayor in 2015.  Photo by Mike Dunn)

Philly Mayoral Candidate: ‘Police Interactions With African-American Men Do Not Happen In A Vacuum’

Mayoral candidate Doug Oliver talked with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT midday host Dom Giordano about his comments recently at a forum.


Dom Show Log 4.7.15

Dom discussed the University of Virginia frat suing Rolling Stone magazine, metal detectors causing delays at the home opener, Senator Rand Paul announcing for President, NCAA national basketball championship, more men than woman killing a young Hitler given the chance, Archbishop Chaput defending Indiana’s religious freedom law, father-son political figures. At 10:45, Mayoral candidate, Doug Oliver, joined discussing his run for Mayor and his comments on black men and police.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–04/07/2015

(credit: SAUL LOEB/Getty Images)

Giordano: Run Rand, Run

Senator Rand Paul joins Senator Ted Cruz tomorrow and announces his run for president. I’m really excited about this announcement for several reasons.


Dom Show Log 4.6.15

Dom discussed Opening Day for the Phillies, Senator Rand Paul preparing to announce for President, religious freedom law dominating the Sunday shows, a Philadelphia woman arre sted for trying to join ISIS, Millennials not buying homes in the Philadelphia area, the real reason why college tuition costs so much, At 10, Philadelphia Inquire reporter, Maria Panaritis, joined discussing her piece on Attorney General Kathleen Kane. At 10:47, Inside the mind of Dom.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–04/06/2015

File Photo (credit: T.J. Kirkpatrick-Pool/Getty Images)

Ex-Ambassador To The UN: Iran Won’t Uphold Its End Of The Nuclear Bargain

Dom Giordano spoke with former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the western nuclear powers.


Dom Show Log 4.3.15

Dom discussed SalesForce CEO, Marc Benioff, Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter on silent Christians in America, Neal deGrasse Tyson’s new pledge of allegiance. At 9:45, Ambassador John Bolton joined discussing the nuclear deal with Iran. At 10:47, Lou Gaul takes us to the movies. At 11, State Senator Daylin Leach joined discussing discrimination of gays and lesbians in Pennsylvania. At 11:35, Game of the week.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–04/03/2015

Dom Show Log 4.2.15

Dom discussed the decision by Indiana lawmakers to change the Religious Freedom law, Memories Pizza in Indiana forced to close, Brigantine banning personnel toilets on beaches, Senator Menendez’s indictment charges, providing full disclosure on homes where tragedy happened. the army revising their tattoo policy, a teen writing to Duke University about her rejection letter. At 10, Dr. Timaree Schmit joined discussing her view on the “hook-up” culture

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–04/02/2015

septa ads

Head Of Local Interfaith Center: Anti-Islamic SEPTA Ads Do Not Represent Our Philadelphia

While the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia does believe in the freedom of speech, Diroff says that they disagree with the message that it sends.


Dom Show Log 4.1.15

Dom discussed NASCAR and Wal-Mart speaking out against the “religious freedom” in Indiana, people wishing Mumia Abu-Jamal harm after being rushed to the hospital, Senator Rand Paul favored over Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, students refusing to pay back student loans, Monica Lewinsky on “The View,” Neil DeGrasse Tyson saying homophobia stems from religion. At 10:35 Nicole Diroff of Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia joined discussing the anti-Islamic ads on SEPTA.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–04/01/2015

North Penn High School. (credit: CBS)

Montgomery County DA: ‘On What Planet Do You Send Naked Photos To A Teen Boy And Think It’s Private?’

Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Ferman told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT midday host Dom Giordano that she is stunned that some of, if not all of, the girls thought that those photos were going to stay private.


Dom Show Log 3.31.15

Dom discussed the looming deadline for a deal with Iran, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter lowering the standards of the military, Mumia Abu-jamal in intensive care, Trevor Noah named as new host for the Daily Show, Supreme Court rejecting to hear the American flag case in California At 10, Montgomery County District Attorney, Risa Ferman, joined discussing the North Penn High School nude photo scandal. At 11, USA Today writer Nancy Armour joined discussing the Indiana Law on “Religious Freedom.”

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–03/31/2015

(Credit: Hector Mata/ AFP/ Getty Images)

How Indiana’s Controversial Law Will Be Decided

I recognize that I can’t see this from the same perspective of apprehension as Lazin and other gay people; however, I think in addition to everything else, the free marketplace will sort out this issue.


Dom Show Log 3.30.15

Dom discussed the controversial bill in Indiana for “Religious Freedom”, medical marijuana battle in Philadelphia, working on Good Friday, a Florida State Dean supporting an ISIS support group, deadline tomorrow between the United States and Iran, North Penn High School nude photo scandal, At 10, Malcom Lazin of Equality Forum, joined discussing the controversial Indiana bill. At 11, Jake Tapper of CNN. At 11:17, Dr. Charles Cutler, Vice President of Pennsylvania Medical Society, discussed legalizing medical marijuana.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–03/30/2015