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Which Philadelphia talk show host can judge the Miss Kensington Pageant one day, and talk with Mayor Michael Nutter about a “New Day” in Philadelphia? Philadelphia marvel Dom Giordano. Dom offers an intelligent “guy next door” sensibility that’s as comfortable as your favorite chair. Born and raised in South Philly, Dom’s local flavor makes him one of the region’s best-connected media personalities. Dom Giordano’s mix of compelling topics, great local callers and provocative guests produces fascinating talk radio. Dom began his unique path to broadcasting as a high school teacher in the Delaware Valley, where he received widespread media coverage for his innovative teaching and motivational techniques with his students.

Giordano was hired at WWDB Radio in 1987, becoming the country’s first teacher-turned-talk show host. “Talkers Magazine” named Dom one of the Top 100 Most Influential Talk Show Hosts in America for five years. Dom is a frequent guest commentator on the Fox News Channel, CNN’s “Talkback Live”, Court TV, “It’s Your Call” on Comcast’s CN8, NBC-10 News, and WHYY-TV 12 News Programs. Dom is a frequent fill in host for the Lou Dobbs Radio Show and formerly for the Radio Factor with Bill O’Reilly. Dom also writes frequent columns for newspapers throughout the region, including “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, “The Bucks County Courier Times”, “The Main Line Times”, and “The Northeast Times”. Dom lives in Germantown with his wife Rosemary, and their two sons, Luke and DJ.

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Dom Show Log 2.5.16

Dom discussed the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders debate, the NFL’s socialist model, and whether or not the USA is heading towards Socialism. At 10:00 Dom spoke to writer Steve Almond about the immorality for watching the NFL and the Super Bowl. At 10:30 Dom talked to CEO for Boys Latin Charter School in Philadelphia about bringing in Meek Mill to speak to the school’s students. At 10:47 Entertainment expert Neal Zoren spoke with Dom about the OJ Simpson and Bernie Madoff shows, and what else is currently on TV.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–02/05/2016

Dom Show Log 2.4.16

Dom continued the discussion of Iowa voter fraud by Senator Ted Cruz, endorsements rolling in for Senator Rubio, President Obama’s speech in a Baltimore Mosque, TV tip-over safety, President Obama at the National Prayer breakfast, Wawa beer sales. At 11, Brooke Goldstein joined discussing President Obama’s visit to a Baltimore Mosque.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–02/04/2016

Pa. Senator Pat Toomey in file photo (credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Pat Toomey Credits Ted Cruz For Winning Iowa, Opposing Ethanol Subsidies

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey gave Republican presidential nominee Ted Cruz credit for winning the Iowa Caucus while opposing ethanol subsidies.


Dom Show Log 2.3.16

Dom discussed, Senator Rubio’s views on immigration, Senator Rand Paul suspending his Presidential campaign, women registering for the military draft, Trump and Carson’s disputes with the Iowa caucus, President Obama’s first visit to a Mosque as President. At 9:35, Attorney George Parry joined discussing the Bill Cosby case. At 10:47, Senator Pat Toomey joined discussing his call to ban ethanol mandates, the NTSB report on the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia and the top concern for Pennsylvania voters.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–02/03/2016

Dom Show Log 2.2.16

Dom discussed Senator Cruz’s victory in Iowa, Senator Sanders adding pressure to the Clinton campaign, U.S. General saying carpet bombing ISIS would be against American values, 60% of caucus voters going to 2 Cubans and a Black man.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–02/02/2016

Dom Show Log 2.1.16

Dom discussed tonight’s Iowa caucus, State department not releasing 22 emails from Hillary Clinton’s email server, NTSB to release new information about the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, the mummers parade hurting the Manayunk parade, Dr. Bennet Omalu believing O.J. Simpson suffers from CTE. At 9:35, Jake Tapper joined previewing the Iowa caucus. A 10, Jane Lipton joined discussing the Mummer’s parade hurting the Manayunk parade. At 11, CEO of Quantum communications, Charlie Gerow joined with his input on the Iowa caucus. At 11:35, Congressman Mike McCaul joined discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails and the security concerns.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–02/01/2016

Brendan Boyle File Photo (credit: Tim Jimenez/KYW)

Congressman Demands Answers About Temporary Housing Of Undocumented Children In NE Philly

Congressman Brendan Boyle confirmed a site in Northeast Philadelphia is being considered as a place to house child migrants detained at the Mexican border.


Dom Show Log 1.29.16

Dom broke down the winners and losers of last night’s debate, illegal minors in Philadelphia. At 9:10, Senator Rand Paul joined discussing his performance at the debate, a Philadelphia baker protecting herself. At 9:47, Senator Rick Santorum joined discussing his night at the debate and attending Donald Trump’s event. At 10, Congressman Brendan Boyle joined discussing the illegal minors expected in Northeast Philadelphia. At 10:47, Lou Gaul takes us to the movies. At 11, James Adams joined discussing his book and coming film, Waffle Street. At 11:47, Game of the week.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–01/29/2016

(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Conservative Commentator: Trump Is The Candidate Of Change

Author Jeffrey Lord defends Donald Trump from criticism that he is too out of step with the Republican party to be their presidential nominee.


Dom Show Log 1.28.16

Dom discussed Bill O’Reilly’s attempt to have Trump reconsider tonight’s debate, Attorney General Kane still leading in polls for the Democratic candidate, President Obama’s school lunch program in the summer, Admiral Sestak defending the Iranian capture of American sailors, the new barbie. At 10, CNN’s Jeff Lord joined discussing his new book “What America Needs: The Case for Trump.” At 11, Teri Gilbert joined discussing why she is disobeying the no savesies rule by the Philadelphia Police.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–01/28/2016

(Credit: Thinkstock)

Lawyer Sues Disney For Allegedly Replacing American Workers

Lawyer Sara Blackwell says Disney and other companies use the visa process to undermine American workers.


Dom Show Log 1.27.16

Dom discussed Donald Trump not attending tomorrow night’s debate, Michael Moore appearing on Megyn Kelly’s show, a Philadelphia couple defying the no savesies rule. At 10, Sara Blackwell joined discuss her RICO case against Disney for colluding to hire immigrant workers to replace American.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–01/27/2016

2016 President Campaign Hopeful Ted Cruz (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Ted Cruz’s Father: We Need To Get Back To Founding Principles

Ted Cruz’s father says America has lost its way and compare President Obama to Fidel Castro.


Dom Show Log 1.26.16

Dom discussed last night’s Democratic Town Hall, Senator Bernie Sanders’ own ice cream flavor, local Republicans being hurt with a Trump or Cruz nominee, activists behind Planned Parenthood videos indicted by a Texas Grand Jury, Cuban refugees coming across the Southern border. At 10:47, JD Mullane joined discussing the Planned Parenthood indictments in Texas. At 11, Rafael Cruz, Father of Senator Ted Cruz, joined discussing his new book, A Time for Action.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–01/26/2016

Dom Show Log 1.25.16

Dom recapped the weekend snow storm, Governor Christie clarifying why he didn’t return to New Jersey right away, Donald Trump saying he could shoot someone and not lose any voters, Congressman Boyle releasing a statement on the illegal minors coming to Philadelphia, marine candidate rejected for his Confederate flag tattoo. At 11, Jake Tapper of CNN joined discussing the upcoming Iowa caucus and his interview last week with Hillary Clinton.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–01/25/2016


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