Amy Feldman

feldman amy Amy FeldmanAmy E. Feldman is a business commentator and legal business correspondent for KYW Newsradio, bringing her expertise in employment issues and breezy writing style to KYW listeners since 2002.

In addition to her legal reporting for KYW, she is general counsel of the Judge Group Inc., a national placement firm based in West Conshohocken, Pa., where she specializes in employment and consumer-related issues.  She was formerly an associate at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP.

Feldman received both a law degree and a masters of science in education degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and got her BA degree (cum laude in History with distinction in all subjects) at Cornell University.

Other than her four years in Ithaca, NY, Amy has lived in the Delaware Valley all her life.  She and her husband are raising their three children to be avid Phillies fans!

KYW Newsradio’s Schedule of News and Features

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Warranty Act Protects Car Owners

It’s illegal for a dealer to say your warranty coverage is void because you had routine maintenance performed elsewhere.


(credit: Getty Images/AFP)

When Authorities Use Drones For Surveillance

Does law enforcement need a search warrant to gather information through drones?


(credit: Gary John Norman/Getty Images)

Bicyclists Must Obey Rules Of The Road

Bicycle riders on public streets have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers.


(File photo: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Your Right To Privacy Has Its Limits

Don’t you have a right to privacy in your own backyard?


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Friends’ Responsibility For Driving A Drunk

Is a friend legally liable for his drunk friend’s safe ride home?


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Campus Police May Not Actually Be Officers

Are campus police officers even real police officers with the right to make arrests? Sometimes.


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Botox Is Medical Procedure

In some states – but not all – you have to be a licensed physician, nurse or nurse’s assistant to conduct the procedure. Ask about practitioner’s qualifications.



Hiring Mom To Babysit

If you are considering hiring your mother as babysitter for your child, you are about to step into the role as her employer. Consider the consequences.


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The Right To Remain Silent Has Limits

The 5th Amendment, that right to remain silent we hear so much about, doesn’t always give you the right to clam up.


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Renting A Limo For Prom Night

Here’s what you need to know about your legal responsibilities before you rent a limo.



Voting To Lower The Voting Age

Can they even do that? Do states or municipalities even have the right to change the voting age?


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Cruelty Free Foods And Cosmetics May Not Be

What does a label mean when it says the product is cruelty free?


(A school cafeteria.  File photo by Jeff Pachoud/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Still Want Bake Sales

After much backlash, lawmakers in Virginia and Michigan are exempting bake sales from the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.


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Politicians May Sue Opponents For Defamation

While a politician can sue, it’s much harder for a public person like a celebrity or public official to prove he was defamed.


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Paying Interns Isn’t Just In Fashion

If you are looking either to hire a summer intern or to be one, this is what you need to know.