Amy Feldman

feldman amy Amy FeldmanAmy E. Feldman is a business commentator and legal business correspondent for KYW Newsradio, bringing her expertise in employment issues and breezy writing style to KYW listeners since 2002.

In addition to her legal reporting for KYW, she is general counsel of the Judge Group Inc., a national placement firm based in West Conshohocken, Pa., where she specializes in employment and consumer-related issues.  She was formerly an associate at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP.

Feldman received both a law degree and a masters of science in education degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and got her BA degree (cum laude in History with distinction in all subjects) at Cornell University.

Other than her four years in Ithaca, NY, Amy has lived in the Delaware Valley all her life.  She and her husband are raising their three children to be avid Phillies fans!

KYW Newsradio’s Schedule of News and Features

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Buying Foreclosed Home May Not Be Worth It

If the sale price of a foreclosed upon home sounds too good to be true. It may well be.


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Most Embezzlers Are Middle Aged Women

Court records indicate 60% of embezzlers are female, and the median age is 50.


(credit: Paul Kurtz)

Jury Still Out On E-Cigarettes

Right now, no states have banned the use of e-cigarettes completely but 18 states have set limits.


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Cell Phone Jammers Are Available – But Illegal

What’s a cell phone jammer and why don’t we all have one?


(credit: Brad Segall)

Synthetic Drugs Are Illegal

With all the talk about legalizing marijuana, the question is…what about synthetic drugs?


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Legally Collecting Workers’ Compensation Benefits

How hurt do you have to be to collect workers comp disability payments and what is the legal standard?


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Watch Where You Point That Laser

Because it’s a violation of federal law, the FAA requires pilots in the US to report any laser aimed at their aircraft. In 2014, they reported almost 4000.


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Understand Your Lawyers’ Specialty

Lawyers specialize. So, if you are facing a criminal charge, find a criminal lawyer, not just a guy with a law degree.


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FDA Allows Rat Hair And Other Food ‘Defects’

The law recognizes that food manufacturing is not a perfect system, and allows “defects” including mold, rodent hairs and insect larvae.


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When Man’s Best Friend Must Be Buckled Up

Many states have specific laws about driving with your dog.


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Cashed Check Equals Settlement

When is cashing a check for a billion dollars a mistake? Ask the ex- Mrs. Hamm.


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How Wasting Time At Work Could Cost You

If you’re wasting time at work can your boss dock your pay?


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Legal Recourse For Bad Grades

You pay tuition, how much recourse do you have if you get a bad grade?


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Layaway Plan Could Cost You

If you’re already thinking of Christmas, you may be considering layaway. Make sure you understand the layaway plan.


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For Profit v. Non-Profit Colleges

What is the difference between a for profit college and a non-profit college and how do you know which one it is?