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The Navy's elite Blue Angels will join some of the world’s best aerobatic performers Wednesday for the Atlantic City Air Show in New Jersey
According to a prosecutor, suspect Shannon Miles spent time in a mental hospital following a 2012 arrest
With race for White House as scrambled as ever, we look at where GOP candidates stand on a hot topic, and why so many Americans are struggling to get by
Police say the brass-capped cannonball was approximately 5 inches in circumference and was stamped "4k, 85mm"
About 150 are said to contain classified information
San Antonio sheriff's office says it's received threats to its deputies since local TV station aired the video; the man died
Authorities say officers went to wrong house, cop and homeowner shot, dog killed, cop badly wounded; unclear if homeowner had gun
Pulled over for eye contact?
The incident stemmed from a single conflict between an inmate and an officer, but later escalated
Social media users have heaped criticism and support on an Arizona mom who forgot her infant in the seat of a grocery cart