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Many of the agency's most urgent priorities are left to languish on a "Most Wanted List," so what's standing in the way of new safety measures?
Members of Greenpeace, other groups dangled from Portland, Oregon bridge, surrounded ship in kayaks with one goal in mind
Greenpeace activists have been hanging from a bridge in Portland, Oregon, trying to block a ship that's part of Shell's Arctic oil drilling operation from heading out to sea
Fire swept through a mobile home park in Sacramento County, California, Thursday afternoon, destroying several homes and forcing residents to evacuate
Former President George H.W. Bush tweeted out a photo of himself with two thumbs up to confirm he's recovering well after breaking a bone in his neck during a fall
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey busted out the hit Bruno Mars track "Uptown Funk" while he was speaking to children of military servicemembers
Driven by high winds and extreme heat, more than a dozen wildfires are pushing thousands of firefighters to their limit
The Super Cab version of the Ford F-150 performed poorly in crash tests
Eight-year-old Bailey Matthews stumbled several times after he ditched his adapted walking frame
Graphic video shows a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing how to distributed fetus parts