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2013 crash at San Francisco's airport killed 3 Chinese teenagers, injured nearly 200 other people
Homeless man was wanted for probation violation after bank robbery conviction, had stolen French citizen's identity, authorities say
Youtube's #DearMe campaign encourages users to upload "video letters", offering advice to their younger selves. Within an hour of launching it became the number one trending twitter topic worldwide.
Target announced it will lay off several thousand employees as part of a major restructuring plan.
The NTSB says it is considering re-opening the investigation into the plane crash that killed musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, along with the pilot.
State's highest court rules Alabama's long-standing ban on same-sex marriage trumps federal judge's decision
A federal civil rights investigation has concluded the Ferguson Police Department has a pattern of discrimination against African-Americans; and, Bao Bao, now 18 months old, is on her own after zookeepers separated her from her mother.
"You attacked my child, the rules kind of go out the window when you attack family," said the former Red Sox pitcher
Residents of Ferguson, Mo., are no strangers to the excessive tactics used by police and a pending report by the Justice Department serves as vindication
This week saw the 10th anniversary of Pancake Day, an American holiday started by International House of Pancakes. But there's lot more than a decade of tradition behind the idea of a flapjack-themed celebration, particularly when it comes to the timing.

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