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"Everything just collapsed," the California nurse said. "I just couldn't hold it together."
Jordan Goodman speaks with Julianna Goodman about the new EVM chips embedded in credit cards that will reduce unauthorized transactions.
In Chicago, at least 74 people overdosed on heroin over a period of three days
As the investigation continues into the mass shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, neighbors and survivors are seeking answers of their own
Sources close to the vice president say that Joe Biden is leaning toward making a run for president and his announcement may come within the next week
Officials are focusing their search for a ship carrying 33 people, 28 of them American, about 200 miles east of the Bahamas
Record amounts of rain have caused deadly flooding in places like Columbia, South Carolina, where all major highways are now closed
18-year-old Lacey was in the room when a gunman opened fire on her class at a community college in Oregon
Temple, Drexel and other universities send alerts to students and staff about federal warning of threatened violence on Monday
Deadly storm system has left thousands without power, inundated the S.C. capital; parts of state saw over a foot of rain in 24 hours