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Price Chopper

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Price Chopper sales flyer is a rip off ! You have to study the add to make sure you have the exact item that is on sale. They will put a similar item on the same shelf with the sale price under it. When you check your receipt you find they have charged the regular price. The last time we shopped there they charged us for both buy one get one free items, and charged the regular price for two items that were on sale. Very disappointing when you get home and look at the receipt. This always happens at Price Chopper, but has never happened to me at Aldi, Walmart, or Save a lot. rod W.
April 01, 2015

Look out for Expired Food on the shelves

This store is very sloppy when it comes to removing expired food on their shelves. Look out for expired milk, yogurt, canned products and cheese. Many cheese with mold was recently found. Buyer's beware and shop elsewhere since this is a continuing issue that the store refuses to correct.
August 16, 2010

worth the drive

I 've shopped at price chopper for years. It's an additional 40 miles to drive over any local stores, but I know when I get there I'll find what I came for. I'm A retired meatcutter so the meat is my field when we shop. All the departments have fresh products and thebest prices around. Be glad to see the store in canton opening - that is only 24 miles round trip.
April 03, 2010

Bresette's Bad Grocer

The Price Chopper in Platte CIty, MO 64079 has allowed he worst grocer to start a Price Chopper, I guess Price Chopper has gone to the bottom of the barrel. Bresette is not a good grocer they serve out of date food and have no good Management practices. I no longer shop there, I just have to drive a few miles for better customer service and product to Hyvee where you can expect fresh meat and food. I found the same dog food .20 cents per can at HyVee, just for a start. At Price Chopper in Platte City check the date on the meat they sell it is only a day or two out of expiration. I know that Price Chopper dropped the Chiefs as a sponser and going down hill in allowing this grocer to be part of the chain.
September 15, 2009

wild card

I find it very offensive that we can not loan our cards to our friends and neighbors.I don't care if I get bonus points or not.I have heard of workers being let go because they let someone use their card.If it's that important that you don't give the discount,then I don't want to do business with you.Furthermore,I purchase things for the company I work for and use my card.How is this any different than loaning a card. We travel to Geneva to shop at Wegmens.Sad isn't it,we have a large store right here and we travel out of town.
August 26, 2008

Good Price

Has the best prices for Lobster around.
May 02, 2008

fair prices,good produce,great...

fair prices,good produce,great bakery
February 06, 2008

Love it

Great prices, good selection of foods. Fast services.
January 25, 2008

Top rated grocery store

I've been going to Price Chopper in Plattsburgh for over 15 years, and it gets better and better every year. They now have a natural/whole/organic foods sections, as well as a huge selection of groceries, fresh store-baked goodies! If they don't have what's advertised, they'll give you a raincheck.
January 23, 2008

great place too food shop!...

great place too food shop!
January 19, 2008
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