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Red lobster use to be awesome, but lately it has went down the drain. The food is old, half done, greasy and lacks time of preparation. Don't waste your time or money eating here
Mia S.
March 11, 2016
This Red Lobster restaurant is a getting a major overhaul with a new management team that is putting an end to some really bad practices. The servers, bartenders, hosts/hostesses are being given a complete revamp with a focus on better service, better attitude, and an end to caving in to the recent customer scams that are trying to take this restaurant under. The food is delicious and the service is good, but the clientele have spun out of the control with people insisting they received bad service in order to have their meals comped or so they will be given some freebie for even the slightest inconvenience. I sat next to a table where an elderly woman got up and began cursing like a sailer to a manager after being seated about three minutes who began screaming that every time she comes, she gets bad service - and she made a scene in front of the entire restaurant! I had to wonder why she continued to come? I have also witnessed a couple on my other side eat a meal they didn't order saying they didn't know they didn't order Lobster! Lobster (at $25.00 at least) that they didn't think they should pay for after eating it!!! Times are a changing here, however, because a new management team is weeding these types of customers out! And thank goodness for those of us who enjoy the food, the service, and will pay our bill!
October 19, 2013
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