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KYW Newsradio 2015 Murrow Awards Entries

header kywrtdna 03 KYW Newsradio 2015 Murrow Awards Entries

Dear Judges,
Thank you in advance for considering these entries in the 2015 RTDNA Edward R. Murrow Awards competition. You can listen to the entries by clicking the PLAY button on each one, or you can download it to your computer or smart phone. If you have any technical issues or questions, please contact the RTDNA Contest Administrator, or KYW Newsradio’s Bill Roswell (; 215-238-4593)

Date(s) – June 24, 2014
(Length – 21:50)

KYW Newsradio’s “All News. All The Time” format includes three daily “KYW Reporters Roundup” newscast segments. This entry is the Early Edition from 12:30 PM. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

(Breaking News Coverage)
Date(s) – February 14, 2014
(Length – 12:55)

KYW Newsradio’s extensive coverage of a monstrous accident on The Pennsylvania Turnpike involving nearly 100 cars and dozens of tractor trailers. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

(Continuing Coverage)
Date(s) – November 3 to 14, 2014
(Length – 22:00)

KYW Newsradio’s extended coverage of the kidnapping of a woman from the Germantown section of Philadelphia, and her rescue several days later in Maryland. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

(Feature Reporting)
Date(s) – May 18, 2014
(Length – 1:25)

A group of Drexel University dance students partner with high school students suffering from cerebral palsy and count down to a big performance. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

(Hard News Reporting)
Date(s) – October 1, 2014
(Length – 9:35)

The ONLY Philadelphia appearance by Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial candidates — incumbent Tom Corbett and challenger Tom Wolfe — was during a live morning drive broadcast on KYW Newsradio. The hour-long broadcast was also carried by CBS-TV in Philadelphia as well as stations outside of Philadelphia. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

(Use Of Sound)
Date(s) – June 27, 2014
(Length – 1:40)

Babies depend on their parents for care and safety. Some infants are being trained to save themselves – even before they learn to walk. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

(Use Of Sound)
Date(s) – December 2, 2014
(Length – 1:05)

On the eve of his latest album release, a Philadelphia-area musician today visited a local charter school for a different kind of music lesson. (Right-click here to download audio file.)

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