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Talk Radio 1210’s Dom Giordano  has taken his show on the road and overseas to Israel Friday, March 7th through March 13th.  Dom is talking with Israelis about: The current view of America, Israel’s relationship with the U.S. and the Arab world and security and future stability in the region.

Dom is broadcasting from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa with visits to JerusalemOldCity, MountZion, HolocaustMuseum, the Dead Sea, Herod’s Mountain, the Sea of Galilee, the Lebanese border, and Safed, the center of Kabbalah.

Tune in as Dom broadcasts live during his regular show time: 9am – 12noon EST.

Dom talks with Yoni Brown about the Israeli Boystown Jerusalem program (Listen Below)

Dom talks with Moshe Feiglin, who is the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset in Israel, about US and Israel relationship, among other things.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton joined the Dom Giordano show to discuss the Israeli and Palestine relationship and it’s effect on the area. 

Aaron Klein, a radio host at 77 WABC, is a journalist that is known to interview well known terrorists and groups. Putting his life in danger every day while out in the field. 

Dom’s Blog 3/7/14

El Al was everything I expected it to be. The security was very much using profiling and due to the equipment I’m carrying I was subjected to intense questioning. It was very thorough.

The cab drivers in Jerusalem are as wild as any I’ve had anywhere. The guy who drove me to the BBC for my first broadcast  stopped to change my money,  tried to pick up a woman and almost caused an accident. He got a flat and brandished a tire iron when the price was too high to fix it at the back alley tire place. He learned his English through films and constantly said to me “Is everything ok, my dear?”

I’ll have more pictures of our travels but check out the one with the  female soldier who looks like a model. The Stations of the Cross were very powerful. I’ll give more details soon. Listen Monday for my roadside debate with a Palestinian who didn’t like my remarks about the Arab quarter of Jerusalem.

Dom’s Blog 3/9/14

I paid my first visit today to Bethlehem and the place where Christ was born. It’s controlled by the Palestinian  Authority and other than tourism all the work appears to be in Jerusalem. Because of tourist dollars I didn’t sense tremendous hostility until  I had a chat with seeminly mild  mannered Christian Palestinian. I praise the wall Israel has erected between Jerusalem and  Bethlehem and Jerusalem as something that has stopped terrorists. He called it “the discriimination wall” and started citing minute detalis from the Oslo Accords to attack Israel. i’ll play this jousting on my Monday or Tuesday show. By the way, the town hot spot is not Starbucks but the Stars and Bucks.Nice branding.

I’ve really enjoyed the Israeli breakfasts ,particularly the fruits and olives. I still don’t like hummus. It will not be  an acquired taste. I did have pretty good pizza and met a great biz guy running a pizza shop on  at the second and third Stations of the Cross site.  We also ate in another place and two listeners told me much later they saw a picture of Hitler  with a former owner next to the cash register. We have informed other tour groups.,

We visited the Holocaust and it was overwhelming and it made me vow again that Pa. should mandate  holocaust education in public schools.

Listeners with me are a very politically involved group. They wanted the latest CPAC straw poll numbers from me as they waited to go to the Western Wall.

Dom Blog 3/12/14

I’m broadcasting today only about 20 miles away from where  terrorists launched 60 or so rockets into Israel from Gaza.  many of them were shot down by the Iron Dome, an Israeli missile system developed by the guys at Technion, where I’ve been  broadcasting from this week. This was the first attack since 2012 of this magnitude.  This is evidence of what israel faces every day.

I was surprised that I really enjoyed the food here. Their olives are the best I’ve ever had.

the bottom line for you is this is the trip of a lifetime. i’ve been to 12 other countries and this is the one where i’ve felt the most at home.



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