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Howard Eskin 25 Years

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Eskin started the sports talk revolution by hosting the very first sports talk show on WIP in 1986.  Since then he has broadcast nearly 6,000 programs.   

Eskin will celebrate his 25th anniversary with the station on Aug. 29.

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Allison, Havertown

I’ll never forget my first time calling in and asking Howard about whether or not the Phillies should trade Jim Thome. My palms were sweaty, my mouth was quivering, but Howard made me feel right at home (no pun intended). Of course, he asked me what I was cooking for dinner that night (It was Meatloaf and Green Beans for the record). But, in the end, he couldn’t have been more gracious, more embracing, and here I am, years later, writing a story about being one of Howard’s fondest fans. I’ll miss hearing him on the radio every day…listening to him rant and rave with Philly’s finest fans….and if he ever wants to take me up on my cooking skills, the door is always open!


John, Main Line

At the end of the day, no matter how you feel, Howard Eskin is a warrior that goes out and ‘gets the story’…he’s not one that let’s the story come to him! You have to appreciate that he shows up at every game, assesses every angle (even if you don’t agree with his assesment), and works his tail off to get it right.  You don’t last 25 years in an industry because you stink!  Thanks Howard, for making Philly sports exciting. Go get ’em genius for another 25 years!


Michael, Vineland

The first time I turned on the radio and listened to FM station WWDB, I heard that the station was introducing a sports talk show, hosted by a guy named Howard Eskin. I had “no clue” who this guy was, but it didn’t take long before I kinda liked his controversial talk show. The self-proclaimed “KING” had nightly battles with “Baseball George” and many others. But Howard seemed to embace the back-and-forth jabbing. I quickly became a daily listener of Howard. Then it was onto AM music station 610 WIP and Howard continued to work his magic. Howard understood from the outset that controversy attracted listeners and the more Howard aggravated fans, the better the ratings. But I also admired Howard’s work ethic. Countless times, Howard would be the first person in either electronic or print media to break a huge sports story in Philly. He introduced his listeners to Eskin-like jargon such as “moron,” “genius” and “nitwit.” Love him or dislike him, Howard Eskin was a lightening rod in Philly sports talk radio. He did it for 25 years at WIP and I doubt there will ever be another one like him.


Michael, Pennsville

I’ve been listening to Howard since I was 12 years of age. Now I’m 31 and have enjoyed every moment that Howard has been on the air. I work during the hours of 2pm-11pm. There would be several times a night, that I would go outside in my car to listen to Howard. Listening to Howard made me feel like a better person. Two years ago I finally got the iPhone. Which I only got so that I could listen to Howard from 3-7. When I would tune into 610 during his time slot. And I would hear that Howard was not working that day. That was so upsetting not being able to hear Howard. If I had someone ask me if I could choose from anyone in the world to spend a day with. I would say Howard Eskin. When I heard that Howard was giving up the 3-7 shift it was very upsetting to me. As of this day of typing this letter. I have been emotionally upset from this. To me this is like loosing someone that has been a part of my life for so long. I do NOT think I will ever be able to get over this. Howard you will ALWAYS remain in my mind. Best of luck to you! You have become a legend in this town. Go to a company that respects you. I have all the faith in this world that you can reach your goals in life. Take care buddy!


Ben, Northeast Philly

One time, before a Sixers playoff game…I guess it was in 2001. There was a big party outside the Corestates/Wachovia, whatever it was called then. Anyway, Eskin was broadcasting from outside and next to his tent, WYSP was having a tomato throw and some of the people started throwing the tomatoes at Eskin. My friend and I had been separated in the crowd up until that point, but as Eskin was getting up to find the culprits, he pushed my friend aside as my friend and I were making eye-contact, at which point my friend uttered a statement that has been oft-repeated throughout our friendship – “Did you see Howard Eskin just push me?”   Lore.


Mike H., Philadelphia

I have had the chance to meet howard at several eagles and phillies games and recently at 610 wip studios. I just want to wish him continued success at his endeavors in radio and tv. Many people say that howard is a coward and can’t stand listening to him, Well i want to say he is the most knowledgeable and when a sports news story breaks hes always the first to broadcast it on tv or radio. Were going to miss hearing you in the afternoons at 610 but will never miss you as a person and radio personality.


Chase, Havertown

I thoroughly enjoyed that no matter how bad things got for the Eagles (chokes, poor coaching, bad personnel decisions) Howard was always there to defend them. That was always reassuring as a birds fan. Because true journalists, oh I mean fans, like Howard know it’s important to stick by your team through think and thin.  Thanks for being there for us eagle fans Howard.  And thanks for being objective for all the other teams.


James, Philadelphia

my wife and i stopped by 610 studios as we were waiting mr. howeird came in for his shift instead of just continuing on he acknowleded my hello and took several minutes to express his sympathy as i was injured at the nfc championship game 2005 (frostbite). to this day he didnt know that i listen to his show with IKE REESE daily..he is insightful humble in the presence of fans and he’s steadfast on his beliefs regardingb any topic..NOT TO MENTION HE HAD ON A SLAMMING FUR COAT THAT DAY..


Kenny, Blackwood

My favorite Howard moments were on Christmas Eve, i`d be wrapping gifts getting ready for the night and he`d have a secret microphone{all fake of course}in Bill Campbell`s house. With Bill singing christmas carols around the fire with Bill`s wife Joy. It made me laugh every year he did it and i loved it especially when he was having Bill getting ready for the “Christmas Song”. Then he use to have a guy play his favorite song on guitar “Little Drummer Boy” and Howard would sing it. Howard good luck you`ll be missed, thanks for the memories


Dom, West Chester

I remember listening to Howard talk with a caller about the Phils in July of 08′. He asked the caller what is on. The caller responded saying,”what is on?” Howard said yes “what is on” and the caller said idk.Howard then yelled WHAT IS ON? Give a flippin answer or I’ll hang up on your flippin ass.I was laughing so hard!!!! Thanks Howard


John, Philadelphia

i took my son to one of Howards broadcasts at one of the many venues hes been in . This was about 20 years ago. My son was the only youngster there, and somehow, during one of the breaks howard would give away some sports related item, my son won a super bowl football. he was thrilled and i was surprised to see a soft side of howard. H e made my sons day for sure and made me more of a fan than i was. Howard always broke all the trades , or major stories in town when it came to sports. Sorry to see him go.


Chris, Newtown Square

I was 13 and at my first remote Eskin show with my dad.  I think it was at Ribit.  Being a big Randall Cunningham fan, I was fed up with hearing eskin rip him and say his number were “EMPTY.”  I must have got out 20 words and Eskin started right at me.  After going back and forth, he told me “Sit down and stick some food in your mouth.”  13 years old!  Gotta Love Em.  Still do 20 some years later.


Tim, Hell’s Kitchen

It seems as though I’ve spent every afternoon of the past 25 years listening to “The King”. I was a senior at Washington Twp. High School and my buddy Vince said, “Dude, Eskin is on the radio. You’ve got to listen.” Almost every day since, I have. I’ve never called in but have emailed and Tweeted him a few times and he’s always been great. You will be sorely missed King. Thanks for all the great years and all the knowledge you’ve dropped on us.


Mike, Philadelphia

The first time I meet Howard, he was throwing out the first pitch in my little league and I was the catcher.Howard threw the ball over my head.Needless to say he ripped me for not catching the ball.


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