One of the best ways to enjoy music during the warm summer months in Philadelphia is to catch an outdoor concert. Philadelphia is a musical city, and there are free concerts held throughout the city in neighborhood parks, community centers, and other sites all summer long. Children love watching live performances, and nothing beats watching your kids dance around while they listen and learn about different types of music.

Most concerts happen in the early evening hours in order to beat the heat. This can be a bit challenging, particularly with really young children as the weekday concerts might not even start until after bed time. Luckily, many concerts are available on the weekends so the youngest kids don’t have to miss out.

One of the best aspects of Philadelphia’s outdoor concert circuit is educational. Many of the concerts feature musical styles from around the globe. Your kids can dance to some Caribbean steel drums one week, then watch a hot salsa band the next, or even enjoy some good old fashioned polka music. In some ways, Philly’s outdoor concerts are a bit like taking a mini-vacation while staying right in your neighborhood.

So, what do you need to enjoy one of these excellent outdoor concerts? If the concert is held at a park, it makes sense to bring a yummy picnic with you. Portable chairs are a great idea, as is a picnic blanket. Also – don’t forget the bug spray! Many of us city dwellers can forget that mosquitoes are out in force in the early evening in our parks. However, don’t worry – so are the fireflies, which are so awesome it can be easy to ignore the annoying bugs.

Another important tip: for the best seats, arrive a bit early! This is particularly ideal when you have little kids, since they prefer to be front and center by the stage. You can sit comfortably while keeping an eye on them when you are also close to the front. Unless you want to get up and dance too; that can be great fun. Get out and enjoy the best music Philly has to offer!

Events at Penn’s Landing

Columbus Avenue near Market Street

Gorgas Park
Ridge Avenue & Gates Street
(no phone number available)

Liberty Lands
3rd Street north of Poplar

– Cecily Kellogg

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